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The Traveling Christmas Show Takes to the Road

Monday, December 24th, 2007

My mom was all “Take a picture of the centerpiece! Take a picture of the centerpiece!!” so TheMan got jiggy with the camera. I think my mom feels kinda guilty for not having a centerpiece for Thanksgiving and wants to show the booniverse readers that she still has it with respect to centerpiecing. She also probably wants everyone to know that these came from her favorite admirer and also that she choppered the hell out of them to make them all centerpiece-y. Apparently they got a little too cold when they were a big ol’ bouquet and some of the flowers didn’t make it as long stemmed beauties. They did, however, sheer off nicely into this short but classy centerpiece deelie so there you go. Also, the centerpiece goes with both red and white wine. That’s my mumses, all Martha fashion conscious.