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My Mumses Almost DIED and all You Get is This Weekend Update

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Wednesday of last week my mumses went in for an ovary-ectomy because they had found “a suspiciousness” on it and wanted to take the whole ovary out just to be sure. It turns out “the suspiciousness” was the world’s most ornery cyst and the procedure took about twice as long as they had first thought it would (rumor has it that if the cyst saw a body part, it attached itself to said body part. There are a lot of body parts in the abdomen so they had quite the time taking that sucker out). I was going to go and hang out with mumses on Thursday but they kept her overnight and wouldn’t let her go until sometime Thursday afternoon. Thus, I spent the day Friday hanging with my mumses and catering to her every whim.