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Get set…

Putting up the nativity scene is one of my favorite childhood Christmas traditions. Of course in the house of little boo we put the manger and occupants on the mantle instead of the dresser but the Q house makes do. The first step is to clean off the manger area, which happens to be my dresser top. Judging by the size of the dust grizzlies, the last time I cleaned off the dresser was also the last time the cr�che went up. I threw caution to the wind and damp dusted as well as swiffer sheet dusted. What they hey, every now and then you just got to live on the wild side.

Next, get the box. I…errr…didn’t have to exert much energy doing this step because the box may or may have not made it back downstairs after packing everything up last year. So step two was pretty easy. What?? Like you’ve never put off taking the Christmas decorations back to their storage area? Besides, the box made a lovely pedestal for a whole plethora of things which just popped themselves right on top and then stayed there the whole year.

Right. Moving on. Here’s the box opened up to show you the manger, glitter straw and all the peoples wrapped up in paper towels. SQUEEE! The only one not so happy about this is Isaak, who was almost squished flat when I started stacking dresser stuff on top of the bed. How was I supposed to know that he had burrowed under the covers? Sheesh.

Manger placed. Huzzah! Now it’s time to go dipping into the anonymous paper bundles to see which Hummel gets placed first. I have no idea why this amuses me so much but it always has. I think it’s just fun to build the whole holy diorama random piece by random piece.

Piece number one: The palm tree. I love the palm tree. Hummels run for about $100+ dollars a pop and I have a palm tree. A $100+ palm tree. *chucklesnort*

In case you were wondering, this is your typical Hummel. They pretty much all look rather like this fellow to some degree.

Hey! It’s my favorite Wisedude. I’ve mentioned this before in the past years of putting up the nativity scene that of the three Wisedudes, this one is the only black fella. He is also the only Wisedude standing up (the other two are kneeling and hanging about on bended knee). Ergo, the poor black Wisedude usually winds up in back due to blocking and whatnot. What really amused me this year was that when I went poking about the web to show someone what my nativity set looked like, I found that Hummel has updated the figurines…and the black Wisedude is still the only one of the three standing! I decided to put him by the palm tree this year. My two favorite figurines can hang out together.

And bended knee Wisedude. Hi bended knee Wisedude. I’m trying something new this year and splitting up the Wisedudes. Incidentally, what is he presenting there, a plate of apples? It’s full of round apply looking things and unless they are apply painted gold they certainly aren’t frankincense or myrrh.

Auxiliary sheep!

Next up on It’s Your Manger; the shepherd fella. Well that completes the sheep contingency. Now all I need is the holy family members and the kneeling Wisedude. Notice the star in the back of the manger. I lost the pin doohickey on the back so I had to balance it in the window. It’s staying there by sheer force of star will.

Ahh good, Mary. Represent, girlfriend, for the holy family. Still no baby Jesus, yet. They all look kinda funny looking reverently at empty air. I had to adjust standing Wisedude because he was looking at Mary with awe and wonder and I’d rather he kept that for the baby Jesus. Yes, it does matter.

Wisedude number three. Why isn’t kneeling Wisedude carrying anything? I’m guessing that standing Wisedude has…Myrrh? Or maybe that’s a gold chalice he’s carrying and not an urn full of Myrrh. Maybe it’s full of frankincense instead. Who knows. The bended knee Wisedude has a plate of apples but kneeling Wisedude’s got nada. What’s that about?

Just like my father, Joseph is the last one to arrive. Also like my father, he looks kinda confused and befuddled by everything going on. Or maybe he’s thinking to himself “Hey…something’s missing here. Am I the only one who is noticing this? Why are we all gazing at the straw? Anybody…?”

OK, really it was the baby Jesus who was holding up the party but he gets to use the messiah card and get out of that social snafu free.

Baby Jesus, whatever.

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