Early Winter

It was nice to see snow this weekend. I think I woke up early Friday or Saturday and looked out to see it unusually light for that early in the morning (yes, contrary to popular opinion I do get up quite early in the morning. Of course, I most always go straight back to bed after the usual bathroom run or hop into the kitchen for a glass of water so I never actually get up at 0 dark hundred if it can be helped). I also noticed that the bug had a cap of snow! Whooo! It stuck around (Ah! It was Saturday because we saw more snow up at the mumses house) for a good long time here in town and all day up at the rent’s place. It’s December, it should be snowing.

That doesn’t mean I have to like being out in it though. I’m all bundled today, doing the two sock thing (and sandals. Yes, sandals. Shut up, it’s sandals until the things rot off my feet alright?), the multi-layering thing (leggings and sweats to get me from here to there without my becoming a boosicle) and the mitts. Warm toasty mitts. No scarf yet though and I left my coat woobie at work so it was a tad chillier that I had wanted coming in. Now that I am here with the woobie, it can go home with me and I will be all happy warm. Mmmmmm.

I am such the cold weather wuss.

Updates! The cranberry wine never so much as peeped a burp and the apple wine blurbled fitfully Saturday and then went silent yesterday. We even had the house up to very warm (and that was fun to sleep in…NOT. I hate being too warm at night) but the yeast just gave up the ghost. We should get more in today with which to restart both batches but it’s a little disappointing to not see either of them happily bubbling (or spewing gunk everywhere. I’d even go with the daily clean up over this silent nothing). I hate that both brewing supply places have gone. Grrr! Fortunately, rumor has it that the old supply place will be a new and different supply place. Or was it that the old supply place was going to move into the new Whole Foos building? Either way, at some point in time there will be a local place to get our supplies soonish. Yay!

The laundry is not done, but I whittled it down to one last load in the bedroom and then the truck blankets. That did include three sets of sheets and one mattress pad though so I feel muchly accomplished. We have enough sheets to get us by for a couple of weeks so it’s not like I have to do them every wash, and the fact that I did them all feels like going above and beyond the call of wash duty. Huzzah! Of course I was in that weird freaky cleaning and organizing mode yesterday so I suppose it is no big surprise that most everything is washed. Still, though, not tripping over baskets of laundry in the room is a good thing.

Oooo! The Man In Japan has a new blog! TheMan linked him through his blog (I have to officially ask otherwise I’d have a link too) so go take a peek. He has some interesting views as an American in the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s a freshly new created blog so as of today there are only about six entries but I had me a look see and I liked what I read.

Ugh, ’tis the season. I have to find a suitable outfit to wear to two different “black tie optional” affairs. I don’t own anything “black tie optional” and one of them is this weekend (the other is the weekend after). I looked through the new Newport News catalog that came to the house and I found a couple of things that might work (and TheMan found this neat silk Chinese jacket and pants set which is cool but is it “black tie optional”?) but will it get here in time for this Saturday? The Chinese thing will work for the dojo gig but I’m not sure about TheMan’s holiday shebang. Last year we came woefully underdressed (didn’t get the info on the dress until we got there. Whoops) and I would rather not repeat that again. The other problem, besides appropriateness and timing is that I have no idea what size I am. There certainly isn’t enough time to order, find that I do not fit into said clothing (tight or loose, short or long… too many parameters to guess at) and get the right size or fit. Hmmm.

BAH! At least the parties aren’t mandatory. Maybe I’ll go take a peek at the Newport News web site, give them a holler. What could go wrong? (Don’t answer, it’s like wearing sandals in the winter and asking how bad it could be.)

2 Responses to “Early Winter”

  1. jquirk@nmu.edu Says:

    Hey new JAQ,
    Sorry I didn’t get the ‘metal’ – ‘coin’ done for DJQ to bring back after Thanksgiving, getting to the great Isph and seeing Toni just hasn’t happened. It will be done before Christmas – do you want it sent or saved?
    Love, Dad Q

  2. The New Mrs. Q Says:

    Oooo! Shiny!

    OH! I was going to figure out how long a chain I need! Hmmm, I don’t have a necklace on today but I can come up with a number easily enough when me and my favorite length necklace meet up again tonight.

    Hmmmm, well either method of medallion receivage is fine with me. I can wait until X-mas nad the gathering of folk if that would be safer.