Ear Worms

For the past three or four days…wait no for the past week actually, I’ve had tunes stuck in my head that will! Not! Leave! The first one was “Love is in the Air” which I know almost exactly that much of the whole tune. I have no idea why, maybe my brain got zapped by an easy listening gamma ray of the 70s. Wow, that was two days of lounge-glittery misery. Then, mercifully, my mind latched on to some random folk tune from an obscure group called “Hot-toe-mitty” but I tell you, banjo-fiddle-flute “Cold Mountain Rain” beats the hillbilly hell out of 70s 8-track special. Next it was the Raider’s March, always a brain tune classic, and then I think I branched off onto show tunes. Oddly, no Let It Snow joined the queue and I’ll sing that ear worm tune year round.

The bacon cinnamon roll has nothing to do with the resident tunes in my head.

I’m off the hook for racking my brain about my sister and brother-in-law’s Christmas present! I have my nefling Michener Everett Nefling to thank for that. Incidentally, I do believe the nefling shall be hereto-ever-after known as Michener Everett Nefling at the booniverse. It’s my sister and BroIL’s fault for naming him something so catchy when stuck onto “nefling”. Anyhow, TheMan and I are making pre cooked and packaged dinners for them for the next couple of weeks so they don’t have to worry about the cooking. It’s genius! TheMan and I love to cook, the Sis and Bro-IL have a new baby in the house and could probably use time spent cooking doing other things (sleeping, I hear, comes to mind). It’s win-win for everyone!

Now I just have to plan some fun yet packagable meals. Cooking commences Friday!

ARRRGH! December 3rd? Who said it could be December 3rd already! One Christmas present down, thirteen billion more to figure out. GAH! I need another month!

I’m also, once again, behind on JSFR snacks. I’m contemplating ditching Lucky Market because I don’t really go there a whole lot (once or twice maybe) and the rest of my J-List order came in. I wonder if it’s enough to go a whole month plus a weekend? Hmmm! Maybe I’ll just randomly do another snack. Oooo, I have an idea! Awesome! Now to get to thinking about Christmas presents. Yikes.

2007: And making soup, but that bit of industry was sort of a spontaneous accident. What? There was a carcass in the fridge.

2006: Putting up the nativity scene is one of my favorite childhood Christmas traditions.

2005: Will Joy come off my shit list? Probably not unless this turns out to be really amazing chicken.

2004: The weather outside does look a little frightful.

2003: Yes, sandals. Shut up, it’s sandals until the things rot off my feet alright?

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