Bearing Gifts We Traverse Afar

Happy December everybody! Whooo! Happy dances around because this means the start of one of my favorite seasons. GIFT SEASON! And also, PRETTY LIGHTS EVERYWHERE SEASON! And hopefully BIG HAPPY SNOW SEASON! And lastly endless carol season, which I’m not too terribly excited about unless they play the cool carols.

Oooo! I forgot about Christmas cookie season. Yum.

Yeah, I’m channeling my inner three year old today because you know what? Although Christmas is still a few weeks away, Advent calendars begin today. Whoot. I’d forgotten all about that until this morning when I logged into KoL and lo! Advent calendar event! Normally this wouldn’t be such a bad thing since I don’t have an advent calendar this year, except that I told a coworker I’d make her a felt board wall hanging (she moved to a new cube which doesn’t have the space to put up all her fun things that were at her old cube so her space looks sad). Again, not so bad until I had the idea that I’d put the board up piece by piece, maybe one a day! In December! You know, like an ADVENT CALENDAR. Durrr. Anyway, Hooray first day of Advent Calendar.

I wonder when the Church’s first day of Advent is/was? I think it might have been two weeks ago but isn’t the wreath adorned with four candles that you light once a week? Hmmm! Maybe I’ll hop over Sunday and check it out.


Amongst the blather today I wanted to mention that not only is today the first day of the December Blog a Day Challenge, but that I also challenged TheMan to take up the challenge. You know, to challenge him. HA! I challenge you to find a paragraph with more references to the word challenge in it. It might have been a more challenging entry if I had used the word challenge in as many parts of a sentence as I could think of, but I believe all I managed were noun, verb, and adjective (which I think technically might be a gerund. No wait, my bad. It’s an adjective. If I were really clever, I’d end this side bar with a challenge gerund but my plork just ploded so I’ll go on and take you back to the regularly scheduled blog already in progress).

PREZZIES!!! I went out at lunch today and procured two more presents. Huzzah! You would figure with a Xerox box full of presents already that I’d have nearly everyone gifted but you would be wrong. Oh so wrong. Sadly wrong. The only household that I have anywhere near done (but not wrapped yet) is my sis and her hubby, which I just finished up this afternoon. Everyone else either has half a present, a present idea we have not yet coalesced (need to get going on those…time’s a ticking!) or presents we just haven’t figured out yet. Or in the case of my mumses, really wicked present ideas that I’ve totally forgotten. Man, I had the BOMB for gift ideas for her and now I’m drawing a blank. I need to be more organized, keep a list or something. Yow, would I make a terrible (but enthusiastic) Santa Clause or what?

Did you know that Word recognizes the word “hubby” yet can not come up with “something” in the list of word alternates if you happen to spell it “somethg”?

Rejoice you Japanese Snackers! We munched two more candidates for the review last night which takes me into…ahhhh, well if I’m only doing Saturdays (since TheMan will be stepping up for a Guest Review Spot on Sundays) then…Christmas Eve! Hey, I only have to come up with one more snack food review and I’m set. That’s pretty darned doable. Also, I think I might be guest spotting on TheMan’s blog this month as I forgot that I asked him to guest review when I challenged him so it’s only fair that I return the favor. He has a much shorter format though; hopefully I can come up with something not so blathertastic to fit his style.

Lastly, and hasn’t this been a righteous SAST hmmm?, (how the hell do you punctuate that?) tonight we try a chicken marinade that I quasi made up with the help of Joy. Will Joy come off my shit list? Probably not unless this turns out to be really amazing chicken. I have my doubts as my dinking with the recipe has really put it in the category of ‘seasonal miracle if it come out anywhere close to right’. Again with the thorough reading but who has time to simmer and baby a marinade at midnight? All I wanted was something to keep my attention while the blanket warmed up in the dryer (hey, it was COLD that night) and heating and boiling and babying was not that something. Throwing together a marinade that sat around getting to know the chicken before being heated and boiled and babied? Well that I could do. Sooooo I rearranged a couple of the steps, it can’t hurt it that much right? Right?!?


The marinade is a red wine deelie with garlic, fresh parsley (which you find all sorts of uses for if you had to buy a whole bunch for a stuffing recipe that only uses a quarter of the bunch), onion and clove. I’ll let you know how it turns out, but I’m banking on fan-fucking-tastic. A boo can dream.

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