Minor technical notes about the comic

Well, I’ve upgraded the backside of the comic. (Pauses to let snickering die down.)

And this time I think I’ve managed to do an upgrade without mangling a huge chunk of code. I’ve been using Newbsoft’s Walrus as a delivery system since the start, with a few modifications to make the comic look different than the default installation. The new Walrus separates a lot of the server-side PHP code from the HTML, which makes it easier to modify the look and feel of the site without mucking up something important.

And speaking of mucking up important stuff, sometime last year I managed to drop a bad tag into the comic’s RSS feed. That’s fixed now, so if you’re a comic feed subscriber you’re about to get swamped with six months of updates all at once.

Also, the new Walrus install makes for an easier, automated archive page. As a result, I’ve gone into the RSS feed and trimmed out all but the last six months of comics. This should speed up load times considerably.

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