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Happy Birthday to Sis!

Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

I can remember way back (hey, about 31 years ago) when they brought my sis home from the hospital. I think (and this is what I’ve been told) my mumses went to the hospital while my dad alternated between home and the hospital and my dad’s side grandparents stayed home with me. I do have a faint vague hazy recollection of mumses not being there for a span of time and dad sorta being there but that was OK by me. Someone told me that my parents were going to pick up a sister for me and that I would have a new playmate! I was ALL excited. Someone to play with! I could hardly wait. I know I must have missed my mum but I think in my little 3 year old mind it was alright that she wasn’t there for a few days because when she came back there would be someone to play with!