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Oscar Thief, Smithee Stuff, Short Sheets and Leap Day SugarFest ‘04

Monday, March 1st, 2004

I can NOT believe that Skeletal Pirate Army did not take the visual effects category hands down at the Oscars. We were robbed (I am allying myself with the Pirates). ROBBED! I mean, Oliphonts vs. Skeletal Pirate Army? Are you nuts? SKELETAL PIRATE ARMY!!!!! Ahhhhh! These academy peoples clearly don’t know good when they see it. Alessar pointed out to me that Return of the King might have taken off with Pirate’s Oscar because nobody thought the Balrog was “special enough” last year or the year before. Mmmmmmmaybe I’ll let that pass (hee!) because the Balrog rocked all kinds of Special Visual Effects coolness but the Acadamy has got to stop with the mercy Oscars for past oversights…they are leaving my Skeletal Pirate Army bereft of the Oscar they deserve.