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Friday This and That

Friday, June 18th, 2004

Alright, I’m not sure how this is even possible but I have become a lethargic spaz. I have been sitting here with half a piss poor paragraph written about something or other work related that I should have wrapped up Wednesday. But no, I just keep looking at it thinking “Yup. That’s pretty bad. Huh.” and then I look some more at it, write a sentence, delete it, write the same sentence again (just in case it got better between the time I deleted it and then rewrote it I suppose) and on and on. I still only have part of a paragraph and I’ve had the damned thing up on the computer for three days now. A third grader could have written it in half the time (and probably twice as well) but whatever. You know? Meh. My main motivation is to make it through the day and then maybe get a good nap in when I go home.

On the other hand WE’RE GOING TO BE ON VACATION NEXT WEEK! Whoooo! I’m only working three days next week (count them!) and then BAMN Origins and all sorts of geeky whacked out fun! Plus, after that we come home for a day or two and then we are off to ALASKA! Honeymooning cruising madness for seven days! That’s seven days I’m not at work AND seven days that I’m in Alaska with TheMan on a boat (ship)! I’ve never been to Alaska, we’re going on a CRUISE! Whoooo! *spazzy dance* OK, that was a lot of energy, I’m going to go find a quiet place to sit and vegetate.