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Frightful Weather, Delightful Holiday

Wednesday, November 24th, 2004

Heh, guess what I didn’t do yesterday? 2 boo points if you said “posted”. Only 2 boo points, though, because by now y’all know I have a thing with Tuesdays and posting. Or would that be a not thing with Tuesday and posting? Anyhow it wasn’t for lack of wanting to post as I have very little to do the week of Thanksgiving, but rather I got into a project for most of the day yesterday and the next thing I know, it’s past time to go home. Even lamer: The project was cleaning out my e-mail. I discarded 1059 messages because I am too lazy to delete messages like “Let’s meet on the 14th!”, “OK”, “I can’t make it then”, “How’s the 15th?”, “Better”, “OK”, “Fine”, “Alright, the 15th it is!”. All for a meeting that has come and gone. That’s what, 8 messages sitting in my meeting in box boogering around? Yeah. So yesterday I spent maybe 6 hours search and destroying these e-mails once and for all.