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A Thanksgiving Dinner That Couldn’t Be Beat

Thursday, November 25th, 2004

Hello from Turkey Day or there abouts (shhhhh! I know I’m back posting but let’s pretend that this was up on actual Turkey day because I really meant to post it then. Honest!). OK, so the plan was to mosey up to the mumses about 3:30ish but Wednesday evening the sky crapped all over the place and the roads were slickety slick so early Thursday afternoon we headed out a tad bit earlier than we would have in order to arrive at a nice 3:30ish. Let’s just say that we were very fashionably early and that the roads were pretty smooth from here to there. We were greeted by an enthusiastic Lucy and an appreciative Charlie when my mumses opened the door. Lucy showed us her utter delight in seeing us again by peeing all over the place. What is it with Mr. Paul’s dogs and the celebratory foot peeing?

(What…me? You can’t possibly be talking about me!)