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Fromage a Trios

Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

I was going to write and say that Alessar was my hero because he had a sure fire remedy for my mouth owwie but it doubled in size and quadroopled in hurt so now I’m not. I’m probably not going to mention the fact that the reason I have this owwie in the first place is that I consumed more than a demi-god’s share of candy and/or sweetie things in a short period of time or that this owwie is a sugar burn result of said consumption. I also wont mention that I DID try his remedy Tuesday night and it worked wonders until I decided Wednesday that a King’s ransom’s worth of chocolate dollops might taste delish (and they did), which only angered the owwie. Instead, I’ll bitterly complain that my owwie has only grown in size and pain and I’ll also mention that my teeth hurt as well because of my owwie. I might also stomp around a bit and whine “Why meeeeeeee?” an intermittent intervals, totally ignoring the fact that I brought this upon myself. That seems like a fair course of action, good! I have my afternoon planned out.