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Productive Laziness

Tuesday, December 7th, 2004

I can not feel my toes. It’s wet and raining and for some reason I thought it a perfectly sane thing to leave the house in my second thinnest pair of socks (being the second thinnest pair by virtue of having no holes in them. Yet) and sandals when it was pouring rain and hovering just slightly above freezing. That’s OK, my pants are moist from not completely drying out on the line. This fact I didn’t notice right away as most of the single layer of denim is crispy dry like only line dried clothes can get. It’s the doubled seams and pocket parts that are just damp enough to be uncomfortable but not damp enough to ring the “Hello! Pants need to take a spin in the dryer” clue bell. Ugh.

BTW, you Snack Food Junkies might want to check out the post dated JSFRs that went up yesterday. Mmmm, (El) Toppo.