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On Va-CAY-tion

Friday, February 25th, 2005

I took half a day off of work yesterday and the whole day off from posting. Wha-ha! Actually, nothing happened on Wednesday worth posting so I didn’t. But today, whooo! It’s amazing what 4 hours off of work will do to greatly increase one’s happiness. Oh, and also decrease one’s own sense of what the hell day of the week it is. I mean really, I get to work at 1pm, have a meeting at 2, deliveries at 4 the day is practically shot for productive work anyhow…just like a Friday! Which I was thoroughly convinced it was by the end of the day. Oh how hard the morning hit today. I wasn’t supposed to get up, it was Saturday! Wahhhhh! So, I decided I wasn’t going in at all today, just sending my body to work (because I really had no excuse to not be here except that I didn’t wanna) while my brain took a vacation. Unfortunately, my brain forgot to stay home so everyone’s here today at work. Well, everyone except the boss. Whooo!