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Oh-ee-oh, Oooooh, My Nose

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

I made it to work today and even in fine (yet drugged – Mmmmm Robitussin) spirits for maybe the first fifteen minutes of work. OK, not really…I was good for about three maybe four hours before things started to go tweeee. I had a feeling that being at work for a full day, versus lounging around in bed all yesterday, was going to be a teeth gritting experience and lo! It was one long 9 hour day (lunch hour). The Plague is morphing into a nice head cold complete with lots of goo and the occasional head splitting, furniture moving sneeze. You gotta respect a body that shifts gears from trying to expel a lung via violent coughing to trying to expel a lung by ninja sneezing. Do you know how deadly 90 mile per hour bits of lung can be?