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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

Yeah, I know that technically it’s either “smote” or “smitten” but “smited” sounds much more recent than “smote” (I was smited just now, three years ago I smote my feral minion) and “smitten” just makes me giggle. I mean, take the following sentences: “God smote me for singing the lamby joe song” versus “I was smitten by God for singing the lamby joe song”. The first one sounds much more serious and old testament. I can see God frowning his cranky God frown and saying, “OK, I’ve heard about enough of that lamby joe song from boo. One lightning bolt, coming up!” while the other one sounds more like I’m singing an ode of devotion and lamby joe goodness to the almighty. OK that’s just weird to type much less contemplate. Moving on!