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Somewhere Between Seppuku and Armageddon

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

Neither of which I can spell but both of which Word has happily tucked away in its dictionary. Word, sometimes you both amaze and worry me. Other times, you just piss me off. What was it I was trying to spell correctly (or, in actuality, arrange the letters enough times so the word I wanted to use in the first place came up on the “did you mean to type XXX word?” list) the other day that did not appear at all on the possible list of words due to my not having the correct vowel in the secondary position? Eh, I must have repressed it but the only letter I had wrong was the second vowel (which it *could* have been, given the pronunciation) yet my wanted option wasn’t to be seen on the “did you mean XXX” list. What up with that?