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And the Moon and the Stars are the Same Ones You See

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Mor-Ti-Fied! Do you know where today’s sampling of lyrical interludation comes from? It’s been nebulously stuck in my head since last night when I thought I had finally figured out the damn moon and its waxing and waning thing. Of course, I only have part of the lyrics so I thought I’d google them (Google and me, BFF!) to see what the rest of the song was. It’s not an easy snatch of tune to google, especially when all you have in your head is “The Moon and the stars are the same up above” and another snippit which hums “It’s the same old sun up in the sky” and that’s it. IT! Half of my it isn’t even right. Do you know how many moon, sun, star, sky, lyrics there are? Every goddamned body is writing about the moon and the stars and the sky and the sun. It’s like they are all some sort of important symbolic something or other. Jeebus!