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It’s What Teh Inernets Are For!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Last Friday my brain BSODed at about 3pm so I decided to give it a bit of an internets break. It had been a good brain all day so I figured that a little surfing might recharge its batteries and then I could squeeze a liiiiiittle bit more work out of it. What can I say? I was in the middle of a project. Anyway, I went to all my usual sites but nobody was updating so no brain entertainment was to be found. Bastards! Hate that (yes, the world does revolves around me…why should you need to ask?). This meant that I would have to find something else to read and that’s always a pain in the butt (as well as a crap shoot). So I clicked on a “this is who I read!” link off of a site I usually visit.