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In The Criminal Justice System, I Can Have a Garden.

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Hola booniverse peeps. I switched up the Friday Five because I’z got lots to say today and didn’t feel like post dating it to yesterday. Sometimes I fudge the dates of things if I can’t quite remember when we drove by something cool or whatnot, but I don’t like deliberately saying the Thursday stuff happened the day before when it clearly didn’t. Besides, five years from now when the police come all Law&Order to my door and get up in my grill about where I was May 10th, 2007 I can say “Well, I have no idea at the moment, but let me check my blog.” Which I will then do because who the heck remembers where they were five years ago? No really. Who? Unless it’s a memorable date, I’d say that chances are you don’t remember either. But! I can just waltz to the booniverse and be reasonably confident that last night on May 10th, 2007, I was out gardening for about two hours (between the times of 7pm and 9pm) and that I talked with my neighbors sometime during that time as they were walking their dogs home.