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JSFR: Mike Pop Corn (salt & citrus)

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

The pop corn formerly known as Mike can be found there for your enjoyment.

The Friday Picto Five 9-28-07

Friday, September 28th, 2007

TheMan might be getting into this picture scanning project as he just up and said outta the blue “So. What’s the next photo album?” Oh SQUEEE! More pictures to upload (and share with y’all). So I eyeballed the albums and decided to go with the red cloth covered one because it’s…ahhh…sorta next chronologically. Just ignore the fact that the first half is wedding pictured from my parents and the odd out of time shot here or there and it fits decently after the green book. Sorta. Anyway! Onward!


Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Well that went well. Hi! I’m boo. You know, the person who used to write here? Yeah…

Non Gardening Surprise Puppy Weekend

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Well grr. This weekend was supposed to be the weekend wherein I conquered the garden! Huzzah! Except Saturday I had some sort of ill that lured me into “dozing off” (and by dozing I mean sleeping like the dead) from the hours of 9 to 12. The world could have ended and I wouldn’t have known anything was going on. We played a little Warcraft when I finally woke up but after a couple hours of boogering around I was thoroughly exhausted and took a nap. I think I got up for dinner at 6 and then went to bed early. Big ball of HATE for head plody no garden Saturday.

JSFR: Toppo (salted caramel)

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007


Friday Picto Five 9-21-07

Friday, September 21st, 2007

We (and by ‘we’ y’all can just infer ‘TheMan’) started in on a long overdue project that I thought up ages ago but never did anything with. That is, I stole all my mumses’s family photo albums with intent to scan. Digital babE! I’ve had them for over a year so finally, I asked TheMan to do his TheMan magic on them soas we can get the pics back to my mumses. Apparently she misses them. Who knew! Anyway, here are five random pics from the ‘green’ photo album which is, more or less, baby pics of yours truly. Also, amusingly out of sequence random other pics, but mostly they are me. I think.

Onward! These are five favorite pics picked by TheMan with commentary from the me.


Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

What better thing to make for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” than pake? Nothing, I tell you, NOTHING!

Happy Birthday, No Pie Today

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Sucks to be You.

A Zombie Picto Weekend

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Friday night the zombies decided that they didn’t want to make dinner so they wandered over to Big 10 Burrito and got them some eats. MRRRH!

Besides, it was payday.

JSFR: Mike Pop Corn (Butter & Soy Sauce)

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Weekend greetings to you JSFR junkies. This week is a little something something Badmovie rousted up via J-list (or J-Box?) called “Mike Pop Corn. Yup. Mike. As in “He likes it, hey Mikey!” Go take a look see.

The Friday Five 9-14-07

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Five Random Pics hanging around on my desktop! Or in other words, TheMan took one look at the stuff I keep loafing around on my computer and said “You know, I think I figured out why your system is running so slow”.

Ahhhh…oops. Heh.

Middle of the Week Musing

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

My chicken stripping (hi Googlers!) plans didn’t exactly go as…ahhh…planned but the chicken did get demeated, thrown in a pot and boiled courtesy of TheMan. He was chillin at home so I called and put him to work. Heh.


Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Hey, who said it could be fall yet? I walked out to the car today and discovered it was plastered with leaves…yellow leaves. I’m not ready for the cold, rainy days of fall…cut it out!

Sunlit Bronze

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Holy cow…did I just not post for an entire week? Ummm…well I guess the booniverse is going on holiday for the first week of September. I’m going to have to have a talking to with the creative department; they really need to warn me when they go off on hiatus. Urg! A whole week!

JSFR: White Rabbit Red Bean Creamy Candies

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

I found a third flavor of White Rabbit candies…Red Bean!