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Friday Picto Five 9-21-07

Friday, September 21st, 2007

We (and by ‘we’ y’all can just infer ‘TheMan’) started in on a long overdue project that I thought up ages ago but never did anything with. That is, I stole all my mumses’s family photo albums with intent to scan. Digital babE! I’ve had them for over a year so finally, I asked TheMan to do his TheMan magic on them soas we can get the pics back to my mumses. Apparently she misses them. Who knew! Anyway, here are five random pics from the ‘green’ photo album which is, more or less, baby pics of yours truly. Also, amusingly out of sequence random other pics, but mostly they are me. I think.

Onward! These are five favorite pics picked by TheMan with commentary from the me.