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A Thinking Part That Wonders What The Part That Isn’t Thinking Isn’t Thinking Of

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Is that not the longest post title yet? It goes well beyond the ample title box WordPress gives me for titles so I’m sort of curious as to how the “there and back” linking at the top of each entry handles it and how much it’ll screw up the “latest entry” links on the side of the main page. I’ve noticed on occasion that the longer titles (usually a JSFR) will run together across the tops of the entry so it looks like one massive JSFR link with another JSFR in the middle of it. I like the title though because it makes total sense to me. Trust me, I’ve had lots of days where the exact same kind of thought flits through my head.

Also? I’m clearly a dork as illustrated by the daily pic above.