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Down for the Count

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Wow (the expression). This is going to be the easiest weekend recaps ever:
Friday: *cough* I’m feeling punk, Ima going to go to bed.
Saturday: *coughwheeze* Ima feeling crappy, gonna hafta cancel going to mumses.
Sunday: *coughwheezelung-hoark* Ima feeling extra-super illin, gonna hafta cancel berry picking and gaming on account of TRYING TO EVICT MY LUNGS!
Monday: * coughwheeze* Ima running on 4 hours of interrupted sleep on account of excessive lung butter, sorry boss, won’t be coming in.
Today: *cough* Urgle…I’m feeling…ummm…better? Maybe? Dizzy? OOoooo, a little. Congested? Check. Would I send me home if I heard me coughing and hacking? Oh yeah. Sorry boss, going to be staying home one more day.