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Weekendy Blathery

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Do you know what I love about September? No ‘Days I’ve posted for ever throughout history at the booniverse’. You may have noticed the slacking this month (especially you JSFR junkies. ACH! I am way so far behind! I will try and make it up to you this week) which…whatevs. I’m taking mini hiatuses. (You know, haitusi looks much cooler. I think I’m going to change the plural of hiatus to haitusi.) This will, no doubt, come bite me on the ass long about NaNoBlowMe month which comes right before ‘why the hell did I start a “thing” and vow to write every day in December’ month. At least the Junkies will be kept happy with two months of double weekend reviews.