Seven Hummel Figures


Away in a manger…

Oh say, I almost forgot the fun of the Nativity scene. My mom had the BEST nativity set ever. Of course everyone I bet thinks their mom had the best [fill in the blank] ever but in this case, my mom really did. I’ll have a picture (sort of-I’ll explain later) posted so you all can see the BEST nativity thing ever and appreciate its bestness AND I’ll have another picture up with the “Want to be the bestest but falls short, sorta, but kinda neat in its own way” Nativity scene as well. But first, I have to find the thing and set it up.

See, my mum’s Nativity scene is comprised of Hummels. There is a little Hummel baby Jesus all smiling like and haloed sitting there swaddled in a manger, his mum and dad (mum kneeling, dad standing about with a lantern) also both haloed, three wise dudes (one kneeling, one on bended knee and one standing), a shepherd and sheep combo, an extra sheep (Hee!) and, the peas of resistance, a Hummel palm tree. Yes, a Hummel palm tree in the Stable. Except it usually goes outside. If you don’t know what a Hummel is (and if I have a picture up, look there!) and I think that is maybe 3 people, they are these little kid figurines doing all sorts of stuff. Unless it’s a palm tree. My mum’s Hummels are hanging about in a Nativity scene each playing a classic role of the typical Christmas cast. It looks like some sort of first grade Christmas pageant in porcelain form. Cute. Or disturbing if you think of Mary looking like a seven year old and having a child.

Anyway, mum’s scene looks like the scene in the picture above because my mum adored my G’ma’s nativity scene which was made up of little Hummel dudes. My G’ma bought her one of her very own, which is the one my sis and I adore and have been fighting over the rights to for years. The one in the picture is actually my grandmother’s scene, which my mother bought back with her on one of her trips down and gave to me. To live in the house that Jack built sounds like it should be the next line.

So now I have a Hummel set all of my own and I am very happy about that. When I moved out, I looked for a nativity set for a number of years and never found anything that was…well Hummels. I settled for a modern interpretation (if I get it, picture below) where the figures are frosted, indistinct blob like glass statuettes. It has only 5 pieces (I’m guessing one wise dude stands in for his fellow dudes and one shepherd for his gang) and I always have trouble telling Joseph apart from the wise dude. They are that indistinct. I hope in years past Mary hasn’t been stepping out on Joseph with one of the three kings…or it could be that Joseph has been moonlighting as Orient Royalty while the real king kicks back and has tea with mom and the babe. However they arrange themselves, I discovered they look decent in a very modern flair if you put them in cotton snow and run white twinkly lights through it.

Some things to note when the picture arrives: PALM TREE! And also notice the wise dudes. The always have to be placed kneeling, bent knee, standing to get the blocking right, which means the poor black wise dude has to stand in the back. We joked about that for years. Hey, we did not make the figures. Also, for the record, I always made the Palm Tree stand in the back. Was never too sure what kind of palm it was and better safe to not land a coconut on the baby Jesus’ head.

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