Brief Bits

What’s that in the road, a head?

Why yes, yes it would be. We gave DQ a lift in today since her aunt had made off with her car (prearranged) so I got to drive in. While tooling up the road I happened to look over at the side of the road and is that a skull? Sure enough, just hanging out in the gutter was this skull thing. Most likely it was some sort of mask or plastic molded thing but still, that’s not something you see every day. Very strange.


I had another negotiation session with the Horde this morning. There are just too many of them to outright wage war on all at once and I’d lose so fast my head would still be spinning when my body hit the floor. Perhaps THAT is what happened this morning eh? So I’m trying a different more stealthy approach of just dealing with a small part of the Horde every day. It seems to be working (the idea is to do more dishes than we use that day and eventually every one of them will be clean!) but I have a feeling the cast iron skillet is the over lord. It gave me the hairy eyeball this morning when I contemplated scrubbing it out. That aint going to be pretty. On the plus side, I found the sink. On the minus side, I really wish I hadn’t. Blech!


The Seed Update!

Day 1, nothing happening yet. Flare cup is still moist, roundy cup not as moist. I’ll have to remember that I’m growing seeds these next few days as I turned the lights on fairly late this morning. Sometimes I enjoy just working with my desk lamp until I am truly ready for all office lights but unless I am growing mushroom tea I should probably give them as much light as I can. Speaking of tea, the peppermint tea (which has been steeping over night) is mighty pepperminty today. Not bitter though, which overnight tea can get sometimes.


So lets see, I was thinking of listing my goals for this weekend here and then seeing if I indeed did all that I was going to do so here it goes. Tonight we are hanging with Dirge and Shar. Heh, that’s it. Simple no? I also think I am going to take the seeds home so….

I can update Saturday and Sunday (!) on their progress, which will most likely go something like: Day 2-dirt. Day 3-dirt. It will give them a chance for real light though and I can water them tomorrow which they probably will need.

Saturday: The Man is going out to help TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel build a ramp and I am going to go shopping for Sunday’s food (brats, brat holders, coronas, limes, halloumi!, spicy garden burgers and garden burger holders and chocolate brownie death fixins which include butterscotch chips, do we have Kahula? OH! We need real scotch. TheMan took one for the team and finished off the last of the ASS scotch – and brownie mix. That was convoluted. Yay, here’s my blog, here’s my shopping list! Whooo! Moving on) and the present for the shower. Then Saturday night I think we are doing ummm…OH! Wedding stuff: Caterers! We are going to look through all the stuff and do a prelim weeding.

Sunday: Early church, baby shower, food with folks.

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