Arcing Poptarts

I used to love October for the end of daylight savings time. Fall back rocks. It meant I got an extra hour and I used to savor that hour for days, thinking “Hey! My body thinks it’s 6 but the clock says 5, I can sleep in!” This year, though, I think someone stole my hour because I totally didn’t notice it at all Sunday and it still hasn’t registered today. Time thieves, gimmie back my hour!

So let’s see, it being a Monday and all I suppose you’re in for a weekend review. Friday is easy because it goes like this: Work. Amber game. Home. Sleep. We loitered about a bit before the game and I checked out a toy store for Smithee puppet crab parts. I still need the crab element of the bat-rat-spider-crab puppet. Alas, I found no crabs but I did find an awesome magnetic monkey and the silliest looking purple dinosaur finger puppet. They, of course, came home with me because Monkey! And purplesaur! First, though, they went to the Amber game where I spent about an hour wandering around the house with Baby D. playing “What can the Monkey stick to?” Magnetic monkeys are awesome and I taught Baby D to say “Mmmmmon-KAY!” whenever we found a metal surface that the monkey would stick to.


Saturday we got up butt early again to play with the Aussies in another raid group. This time out was 700% better than the last time and we actually got stuff. Huzzah! TheMan won a bazillion rolls on equipment stuff and I got a ring. The raid leader was on the ball too so we knew when to attack, who to attack, and all that useful info we didn’t get the first time which THANK YOU! Eeek gads the first raid was terrible about passing on info. This second time out we had a good group too, there was very little boogering around and people actually took the time to talk to the n00bs (hi!) and let us know what was going on. I have no idea what was that different between the groups other than this Saturday’s raid was filled with mostly guildies. I’d definitely go again if it’s more like this Saturday and much less like last Saturday, although this getting up at 4:30am is going to kill me. Argh!

We took a nap afterwards (tasty, tasty naps) and then got ready fro Rob’s Halloween party. We would have had the bossest costumes ever if I had actually gotten the supplies and made the costumes but alas. I lazy. So we scrounged and TheMan wound up wearing his kilt and a renaissance looking shirt (which was teh seXXXay! Mrowr!) and I went as…ahhh…well I had a pumpkin shirt on and pumpkin earrings. I also snagged a decoration spider during the party and stuck that in my hair so I’m saying I went as Halloween spirited or Halloween festive. Take your pick. As usual Rob’s party was full of food and fuller of desserts because Rob loves to bake. He loves to bake two cheesecakes and a full sized cake plus two pies worth of baking and there were appetizers, soup and a main course too. He could have fed 40 people and only 15-20 came.

If I’m 400 pounds come November, I’m totally blaming it on Rob!

Sunday we slept in, played some WoW (the game) in which we boogered around most expertly and then we went out to eat at Outback. Coincidentally, My Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store was still open and guess who is the proud owner of more Japanese Snack Food? BooYAW! Pretz AND Pocky, plus there is a new Chinese Tohato (which we didn’t get – gotta save something for next time!) which looks interesting.

After that, I spent a good deal of time working on my blanket project while drinking rum and itty bitty cokes and listening to Anna Russell. TheMan was all bummed that she passed away on the…18th I think, and he wanted to do some sort of memorial tribute thing. We played her routine about Wagner’s ring operas, the How to make your own Gilbert and Sullivan operetta and one about singing styles. Good stuff!

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