All Saints Day

Oh the PUMPKINMANITY! The squirrels made off with Pumpkin Mike’s eyeball! Again! He’s the only Cyclops I know of who has (had) two eyes and still can’t see.

Pellet! Gun!

Heh. I forgot to say anything about my garden project and the trick-or-treaters. Apparently, a good number of costumed urchins took the initiative to cut across my lawn to get to the next house. Also, apparently, a good number of costumed urchins tripped up on the low wall of wood thingits and took a header in my flower bed to be. Not that I’m all keen about my flower bed being the instrument of many an urchin bruising, but I am hoping that when those urchins become postal workers they’ll remember back on this and USE THE DAMNED SIDEWALK!

And also Parents? BOO ON YOU for letting your hellions run roughshod over people’s lawns. Fuckers. It should have been you falling ass over tea kettle into my mulch because y’all KNOW better. Or at least I hope y’all know better. Didn’t your mommas tell you not to cut across people’s yards? It’s rude and you never know when someone will put up a last minute garden thing that you can’t really see in the dark because it blends in with the LAWN. You can, however, plainly see the sidewalk so use it MmmKay?

I wasn’t going to spend any more money on the garden this year but I might have to go out and get a set of those solar powered lights to line the walk. It’d suck to have to wade through a pile of dead and maimed urchins in my front yard every year.

Whooo! Speaking of year, which we were but which this next thought really has nothing to do with other than this December will be the…errr…fourth blogaversary of the booniverse, today is (I think) the 999th entry in the booniverse. Huzzah! The next post will be the four digit blog-a-something or other. Blog-a-milestone? Blog-accomplishment? The blog-odometer turns over? Whatever. One thousand entries! I’ll do something or other with it to make it special, even if it’s just “whooo. 1000”. That seems special no?

Is this developing into a SAST? Should that really be an SAST? I guess it depends on how you read it.

The Bug! Wait, did I ever say that we got the truck fixed? We better have since we drove it around today. The rear breaks had gone pffffft, which made stopping more like a Six Flags ride than a happy safe driving experience, but it’s all better now and just in time for the Bug to have its caffeinated meltdown. Sadly, I wound up killing more than just the bug’s radio with my coffee flood. Did you know that They (the giant ants that work on your car) route security systems through the radio? Guess what went off at 6am this morning and wouldn’t stay shut up when we bip-biped the key fob. Sometime over the night, my coffee deluge convinced the bug that someone was trying to break into the car through the hood. Thus, did the bug start up a racket at 6 in the morning as thousands of phantom car thieves crawled into the engine compartment in preparation to carjack our ride. That’s totally how *I* would break into a car.

On the plus side, the bug is old enough that a simple yanking of the radio will wipe all memory of engine crawling car thieves AND we can still arm the alarm system. I have no idea how that works at all but I’m not complaining. We still have an alarm!

Yup. SAST.

Badmovie wins for Best! Halloween! Costume! Ever! He came to the game “dressed” as a human pi�ata (since we didn’t get to see his costume on Saturday), which consisted of a Nerf like bat, which we used to hit him, and a bag of candy, which he dipped into when hit and then scattered a handful of the contents onto the ground. Hee! We had an immense amount of fun playing human pi�ata and were very sad when the bag was empty. I think the world would be a much happier place if there were more people willing to be human pi�atas.

And that is my plork dump for today. See ya next time for the big 1000th booniverse entry. Of doom!

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