Welcome to the triple digit booniverse milestone. I was thinking of what I would do today and then it hit me: How about a little of everything? I have a Friday Five for you, some Zombies, a little JSF goodness and blather. Don’t forget the blather!

1. What’s the first web site you go to every day?

HA! Like I have the brain fortitude to go to the same site right off the bat when I fire up Mozilla (or Safari, depending on the platform). I suppose it depends on whether I’m at work (in which case the first site I “visit” is The Tomato Lady’s page but only because that’s my home page. At home, this is my home page so hello! For actual content seeking, ummmm, well that depends on whether I’m looking to read my funnies or my reading type sites. Or maybe I want to do a little KoL. Pffft, basically it’s a crap shoot as to where I go first.

2. Have you ever hooked-up with someone that you met through the Internet?

Nope. Heh, that was quick.

3. You have $500 to spend on the Internet – what would you buy?

Only $500? WAH! Hmmmm. Probably I’d finish up the odd DVD series we have so that all our series are a complete run. It bothers me that we have everything but season 4 of this series, or only season 2 of another series. OCD much?

4. What time of day do you usually read online journals?

I don’t on the weekend, usually and during the week day it really depends. Wow (the expression), I’m full of insightful answers aren’t I? It’s true though! I sometimes check journals in the morning, sometimes at lunch, sometimes in the afternoon, I’ve been known to booger around killing time reading journals after 5 while waiting for TheMan. You can’t pin my journal reading habits down, Man!

5. Have you ever checked someone’s email without them knowing?

Hrrrrrmmmmmm. No? Not on purpose anyway. I can’t remember an incident where I went peeky poking through someone’s e-mail and ogling it without their permission. It’s not unreasonable, though, that I’ve read someone else’s e-mail if they have it front and center on their machine (which I’ve asked if I could use). I’m a nosey Parker and once I’ve laid eyeballs on something I want to know what it is that I’m looking at. On the plus side, I’m not likely to snoop much past the e-mail right in front of my face, though I might look at your in box and see who you are getting e-mail from. Nosey!


Heh, OK I saw this on someone else’s site and I though “OooooOOOoooo! I could do that!” except that I sort of forgot about the zombies half way through the day. Don’t ever forget about the zombies. Trust me.

The zombies start their day out with a bath because they’re starting to get a bit manky what with the pumpkin guts and all.

I told the zombies a million times that the bubbles were not some sort of neat cushy landscape for shambling across. Of course the zombies never listen to me.

Zombies also don’t float. They were a little bit peeved about that, mostly because I was doing the rice concoction dishes at the same time as I was giving them a bath. It could have been that one or two of the zombies weren’t found until after the water was drained and the sink strainer was emptied out.

They used the whole dishes debacle to leverage their way into a trip up to my mumses house. They also wanted to ride in the radio hole but settled for having their picture taken instead.

When we got to my mumses house we found this fella on the tree. I have no idea what it is, but the zombies took an instant liking to him. Her. It. Whatever. I think the eyes and teeth may glow in the dark.

Mumses and Mr. Paul showed off their Halloween head on a platter and the zombies took a shine to it as well. The head is motion activated and sings “I’m so sad and lonely” among other things. It’s a damn catchy tune, which makes me thankful that zombies are tone deaf. And rather vocabulary deaf too. Oh they sang the tune alright, but it was more “Mrrrrrrrrrrr! Arrrrrrr grrr ghhh BRAAAAAAAINS!” Also about this time I lost track of the zombies which meant they were left to their own devices.

When I caught up to them, they had cracked out the chess board and taught themselves how to play.

Of course they invented a few house rules that I wasn’t familiar with.

Putting on my thinking cap, I told the zombies that Mr. Paul was making coffee and if they wanted some they’d have to clean up their chess game post haste. If there is one thing zombies like better than mutilated chess men, it’s coffee. They even volunteered to help out with grinding the beans. Zombies think fresh ground coffee beans smell about as good as brains but more caffeinated.

Later on, they also decided to help me with a JSFR. I’m not sure what’s going on but I never saw that cookie again.

Heh. Zombies. Anyway, that’s about all for the 1000th entry. I do have one last picture for y’all from Thursday:

Not only did it snow on Thursday but it stuck around too! That’s not right! And chilly! ARRRGH!

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