How To Make a 4 Day Weekend Out of 3 Days

Nap. It’s true! Oh, and lots of Warcraft. Throw in some eating out and hanging with friends and wala! A perfect 3 day weekend that somehow magically transforms itself into feeling like 4 days off.

Thursday was TheMan and my third anniversary so we celebrated with dinner out at Paesano’s. Natch. I had been looking at the fall menu for about two weeks beforehand trying to decide what looked fabulously tasty and having a hard time coming up with anything. I was a little bummed. Most of the time there are two or three dishes that I’m all gung ho about but this time there were several dishes I was interested in until I got to one particular ingredient which turned me aside. Autunno Chicken? Tasty until the green olives. Quail? Yum! With pomegranate? Errr….??? Duck with pear? Not in the mood for meat and sweet. The scallops looked very tasty but I had had them before and was in a mood for something new! I am, apparently, somewhat high maintenance in my prospective food choices.

Anyway, I decided to wait for salvation in the form of the specials before I broke down like a little two year old because there wasn’t anything super special tasty that I wanted to eat. Fortunately, the specials included a fish dish (yum FISH!) of sable encrusted with tasty encrustings which looked good in my book. Sable, which I had never had until then, is now my new favorite fish. Yum^2. I can’t remember what the side was but I’m sure it was very tasty and possibly potato or maybe rice. The awesomeness that is sable has driven the mere side dish completely from my head and I don’t really mind. SABLE! We ate, we drank (cappuccinos, natch) and I got a pumpkin bread pudding that was really quite tasty. I’m beginning to like high end bread puddings it seems. Then we went home and collapsed, bemoaning our deliciously bloated bellies.

Or maybe we played some Warcraft.

We did not go to a movie, sadly, because the movie times were 7:15 and 10:00. For a 6:00 dinner reservation, the timing sort of sucked so we decided to catch a matinee the next day.

The next day we got up at 9ish or possibly close to 10 (heh, all you work suckers!) – no wait. TheMan was up at 8 doing an emergency work info scout. Sucks to be us I guess. Well half of us, I slept in until the afore mentioned ambiguous 9ish possibly shortly before 10 so…errr…sucks to be my coworkers and sucks to be TheMan. We played warcraft! Natch. Then we took a nap.

Naps is good food. Naps also caused us to miss our window of matinee opportunity but whatever. We wuz snuggling! (And sleeping, but don’t dwell on that) I think at 4ish we got up and headed out to scrounge up dinner and go yarn shopping. I finished off the blankety part of my crochet project – oh say! I think that’s what I did while TheMan was buzzing around the house looking up work info. Sit me down and call me Susie, we didn’t play Warcraft in the morning. Huh. Anyway, I got the blanket part finished off and started in on the border before running out of yarn. One! More! Skein! Plus, I needed supplies for crocheting project number 2, so off we went.

There was also an Amber game to attend, which we did and for which I don’t have notes written up for yet. For, next, to, with…I just reread that sentence and decided there weren’t quite enough prepositions sitting awkwardly about so here are some more. Do with them what you please, but remember: Preposit with responsibility.

Early Saturday morning found us with two mugs of coffee, two kettles of tea and the computers, playing Warcraft with the crazy Aussies. Uuuuurg. 2 in the morning. Why does Australia have to be so much further along in time zones? We did the usual skeleton dancing guy (he’s got a whole BBQ pit full of thrash dancing skeletons. Heh!), which I think is a good boss? I don’t know. We also did a spider guy, cat chick and the dude that has to get mana sucked, all of which I had done previously. Then we did two other new bosses (don’t remember, too early) and then…Hakkar! Hakkar is the boss’s boss, sort of the uber big bad if you will. The only way to kill him/her/it off is to get poisoned just before he/she/it drains everyone’s life. That way I guess Hakkar sucks up 20 people’s worth of poison? Errr…I don’t know but that’s how it’s done so we did it. Fun! And also HAKKAR!


Saturday night we had plans to hang with Rob, so we did. We went out to eat at La Shish (la yum!) and I got possibly the best lamb I have ever had in my life. I also got way too much food and was stuffed to the gills. Uuuuuurp. We trundled back to Rob’s place and played Carcassonne; the City. It was much like Carcassonne (the original?) except on a macro city scale. And also the market places didn’t have to join up which looked really weird. We soundly trounced Rob’s hinder, ate some cheesecake and went home.

Sunday we were the laziest human beings ever to sit the earth. Weirdly, we got up at 9ish or possibly really close to 10 but then we fired up the computers. Warcraft, natch. We did some battle grounds stuff and that was mighty fun. They have three scenarios (capture the flag, defend the fort and kill everybody and their brother) which pits PC horde against PC alliance. It was fun when it went well and we got all sorts of tasty honor points and marks and whatnot. Eventually I logged off and went shopping because we needed food (and I was out, shopped and back in an hour and I wasn’t hurrying at all. That never happens), and then I came back to play more WoW. the game. Natch.

We are two lazy couch fucks we are, but we wuz on VACATION!

This concludes the weekend recap broadcast. Tune in next Monday for Mini-Smithees, Chicken dinner and more crazy Aussies.

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