But I Did Not Shoot the Deputy

I made history today.

I guess I actually made history yesterday but it wasn’t until today that it was realized. Yesterday I was doing my copying thing of making a bazillion copies at a time (I was going for 6 to 7 hundred copies of a form) and I was also being very clever by printing out three masters so I could do my massive copying in runs of 300. Well, technically 297 but who’s counting. Anyway, the new fangled time saving copier of enlightenment that we bought a couple years ago has one glaring evil flaw: You can only copy 99 pages at one time. Feh. Oh wait, that’s coupled with another annoying flaw: It doesn’t remember the copy image so once the master goes through and you’ve printed your 99 copies, you have to rescan the master for the next 99. When I’m doing my restocking, 99 pages don’t cut it. Sadly, I rarely remember to bring more than one master so I can do multiple batches of 99 at once but not yesterday. I was ON!

I was also multitasking so I left the copier with the three masters and went around doing Other Important Things So Secret That If I Told You About Them, I’d Have To Kill You (OITSSTIITYAT,IHTKY). When I came back, only half the job was done and the copier had the wrench icon lit up and an SC454 code on the display screen. I don’t know about SC545 codes, but the wrench icon is bad. If you can’t clear that puppy out by turning the machine off and then back on again, you’re going to have to call in a service guy. I couldn’t and then I did and the fella came out today.

He gave it a poke and a prod and then told me that a thermal sensor had failed so one end of the Teflon roller doohicky overheated (No really guys, everything’s fine. Keep printing, I don’t feel the slightest bit warm!) and then melted. This would explain why all the later pages of my copy job were more giant gunky blurs that neatly printed forms. The fixit guy then wandered off to get a new Teflon roller doohickey to replace the old one. Upon further inspection of my melting massacre, he discovered that the only reason the Teflon roller fella didn’t catch the entire copier on fire is that the heat also melted some restraining something or other which caused a metal roller fella to go shooting off into the fuser unit’s power supply (or PS analog). Thus, the whole fuser is toast and will have to be replaced. The fixit guy also said that he’s never seen this happen in the particular model of copier we have. Guinness babE! First! Ever! incident of death by melted electrocution!

I speshul!

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