Oh I Don’t Know, Make Up a Title and Call it Good

Stupid hairless apes.

1. It’s November, 1982 – where are you and what are you doing?

Guahhhhh…er? Lets see. I was 12 so that would be…6th grade? How about at school? I can’t remember what I did most Fridays, 24 years ago is pushing it!

2. Who was your favorite singer/band from the 80s?

OoooOOOooo! 80s. That’s an entire decade to choose from, I can do this! Lemmie see…well there was Steve Winwood, oh and The Police. Definitely The Police. Man, all this thinking back is hurting my poor plork.

3. What was your favorite music video from the 80s?

Alas. My mumses wouldn’t get cable so I didn’t get to watch a whole lot of videos. I always did like Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” and Peter Gabriel’s Big Time was cool (was that 80s or early 90s? Hold on…yup, it was. Score!).

4. What was your favorite item of clothing from the 80s?

Crap, I think I blew out my brain on that last one thinking so hard. There was a set of jeans I called my paint pants that I liked and of course the varsity jacket. Other than that, I have no clue.

5. Did you have big hair and wear black eye-liner?

I only had big hair(ish) once and that was during the “never mentioning it again” poodle perm accident of 84. Other than that, I have pretty straight and weenie hair and no real desire to spend hours in the bathroom teasing it up. That also goes for make-up so a big no on the eye liner.

Nothing much going on here really, just another small calm before the tiny storm that is the Smithee Primaries. We’re going to be holding a mini Smithee show again at U-Con and even though it’s an itty bitty thing, TheMan still gets his Smithee nerves on. Plus, in 29 days (I think) there is the MegaMeta3s to contend with. He’s got compound Smithee stress!

He’s also sick today. Poor fella. I’m going to buzz out and get him a case of orange juice from Sam’s Club after work. I may also get a turkey, but not for my illin’ husband. I’m thinking of maybe doing the shopping tonight instead of this weekend. Maybe. Who knows, I may even make the stuffing and throw it in the freezer until Thursday. That’s something different: Making the stuffing before TGiving rather than on the day of TGiving. Hmmmm. Do I balk tradition or be prepared. Decisions, decisions…

Anyone want a cat? I hear they are good with catsup. The “I” has been a crazy thing as of late, all meow all the time, more so than usual (which is all meow all the time with a couple of random breaks to keep me on my toes). TheMan and I locked him out of the room so we could have some us time without having to contend with a cat crawling around us and oh my word. Isaak sat right outside the door and howled the entire time we were in the room. A little wine, a little snuggling and full blown cat panic. It really sets the mood. Then the cat about brained himself trying to get in the moment one of us opened the door. Hrrrmh.

Little Kitty is also on my shit list because I put a towel down in the sock drawer where she has been nesting and now she is shunning it. Little git.

Wow. I got nothing. I think I might do a picto-blog of Saturday’s Smithee extravaganza (and the zombies might show up as well!) so stay tuned for that. For now, see yas on the flip side.

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