Buddha Tried to Kill Me

Appropriately, it was with a chocolate chip cookie.

Poor TheMan. He was low this weekend with a cold AND had to do the mini Smithee show. Fortunately, he didn’t have to do as much talking over the crowd as we had a really decent set of people for most of the show.

But first: Friday! Since I was soloing it in and back to work and TheMan does not like to go shopping, I decided to take this TheManless opportunity and hit Sam’s Club for some Sam’s Club items. I can’t even remember what they were…OH! Right. Claritin, Yuck, cranberries, and raisins. I also though I’d look for some gloves for my poor chilly handed husband but alas. They didn’t have them in stock that I could see. They also didn’t have TheMan’s type of milk or frozen orange juice. I don’t know what Sam’s Club had against my sick husband, but all the things I went to get specifically for him, they didn’t have. Well, they had cold medicine but I only needed that because I forgot to get it when I was at the pharmacy.

Speaking of pharmacy, they had an entire bin full of discounted Halloween candy and lo! But it was filled to the brim with mallow pumpkins. So I picked up a couple bags and took them back to the pharmacy desk with my other purchases, figuring that at 90% off they’d be only 25 cents, possibly as much as 50. Nope. They were 9. 9 cents. A bag! So I rummaged around in my purse and scrabbled out some change so I could purchase more on the way out. I got 10 bags total and didn’t break a dollar! Smithee Awards, here they come!

We played a lot of Warcraft and ate substandard chicken things for dinner. Meh. I did manage to get the crazy gnome to fall through the game though. That was interesting. One minute I was being soundly beaten upon by some Hordie in a battle grounds and then, instead of dying and popping to the graveyard, the gnommie was hanging out in a featureless blue plane doing the wavy arm falling emote. Huh! I panned around and saw nothing, but when I looked up I could see the inside and underside of the town polygons receding in the distance. Poor gnommie fell through the game for a good 20 seconds before fetching up against nothing and dying.

Saturday was the Mini Smithee Show. SQUEEE! TheMan was all hopped up on cold meds but did alright and the audience was surprisingly friendly and congenial. Not that the Mini Smithee audience isn’t full of really, really, nice people (because it is) but sometimes the nice people are also…rowdy people. It can be hard to run a show in as small a venue as we do with the Mini Smithees and have to contend with a rowdy audience. They seemed to really enjoy the show too as there were chatty moments and some call outs, but on the whole I think the audience could sense TheMan wasn’t at 100% and took pity on him. I think we had just shy of 30 people, which is a pretty good showing for the Primary Smithee voting.

We went to Pizza House afterwards, where we met up with the movie guy (hi movie guy!) and more importantly, had booz and food. Mmmm, booz and food. OK, Technically, it was Sunday when we got to Pizza House as the show ran a tad late but whatever. Booz! Food!

Sunday, TheMan lay about all miserable in the head and we did nothing. I was lazy, he was sick, we were slugs. I got some laundry done but of course it isn’t folded. Natch. I don’t consider doing laundry work, really, because the machines do most of the washing and folding stuff doesn’t take all that much time. It’s my “I don’t wanna do anything but I ought to do something so I’m not a complete slug” chore. Heh.

And that’s about it. The Zombies didn’t make it to the mini Smithees so no Zombie Pictoblog for you. I did manage to stick all 100 bulbs the mumses gave me in the ground on Saturday (I was antsy before the show), so huzzah! Another thing accomplished. I’m hoping they will survive, but it might be too late in the season for planting. We shall see. If it is, I’ll just get more next year and plant them properly. They certainly have a better chance outside in the ground than they do hanging out in my hallway.

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