I’m Still Stuffed Full of Thanksgiving

…and all you Brits and Aussies are not allowed to laugh at today’s title.

The Zombies did not get out for Thanksgiving because brains were not on either of the two Thanksgiving Day menus. Yes, two. We had the already picto-blogged TGiving extravaganza, complete with the eclectic plate collection over at Mumses’s house and then on Saturday we had a local TGiving get together with friends. I was in charge of bringing stuffing to Mumses’s TGiving gig, as I am the stuffing queen (you Brits can’t chuckle here either) and since the recipe makes a metric ton of stuffing (and I am too lazy to halve it) I volunteered stuffing for Saturday too. It went over smashingly at both places.

I also volunteered to roast the bird, which I got at the giant Meijers sale of doom for less that $4! I am the shopping queen too. Go me! I also brought gravy to the Saturday gig because…well I was making the bird and how hard is it to siphon off the juices and make gravy? Not that very hard at all, so I did. Note to self: Don’t be so impatient with the flour thickening agent, it will eventually gel and you don’t need to be putting in more flour every half second. On the other hand, I discovered gravy jell-o!

I tried a new method of birding this year which was ‘toss the bird in the enclosed bird cooker and bake it’. Theoretically, the juices stay in because it’s covered and our test chicken proved this theory. For chicken at least. That was one tasty chicken. Turkey, however…well…it was at least cooked through. I even had the bird upsidown for half the cooking, the better to keep the breast all tasty juicy, but alas. I fear the bird was a bit dry. I think Mr. Paul sold his soul to the devil in exchange for being able to produce the moistest, most delicious birds ever to come out of an oven. Then again, he bastes the beejeebus out of the birds and I wasn’t so much on board with the 5 minute basting schedule. Meh. People liked it though, despite the quasi dryness.

Saturday was a smorgasbord of food as everyone brought a little something. Alessar made his heard stopping cheesy taters (yum!), there was broccoli, rolls, cheese munchies beforehand with amazing flatbread cracker bits, a relish tray (go sweet pickles!), mashed taters and asparagus strangeness – which I am told was quite delish. I don’t know, it had tomatoes and cheese and asparagus…it looked funny to me. Maybe I’m getting a little bit of TheMan’s tomato dementia. We ate and then we hung out until about midnight. Then we went home. Wala! Two Thanksgiving dinners that couldn’t be beat.

Friday and Sunday we probably played an unhealthy amount of Warcraft. I can’t remember. Let’s just say that’s what we did Friday and most of Sunday. We took a break for Badmovie’s game, which was amusing and then went out to eat at Bennigan’s. I think. Well we went out to eat anyway at the place that has Death By Chocolate on their menu. We didn’t get Death By Chocolate but they were having a dessert special and we might have gotten some. Maybe.

Thus endeth another glorious four day vacation weekend. Hope yours was fun and lazy too.

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