Some Retractions, Let’s Begin…

And say, a Tuesday post. Posterific!

First off, I can not BELIEVE I totally forgot what we did last Friday. In my defense, I never remember what I do on Fridays so when I thought back and drew a blank, I said “Well, it’s a Friday. Figures” and decided that we must have played WoW (the game). We’re pretty much playing WoW (the game) quite a lot these days so it made some sense.

We did not, in fact, play any WoW (the game) unless we did late, late at night – which I can’t rightly remember if we did or not, which probably means that we did. Any-way! Our mostly non WoW (the game) playing day was spent driving up to Grandma Minnie’s place so we could spend some after TGiving time with TheMan and DQ’s gramma. Oi but it takes a bit to get there so most of the day was drive, drive, driving up and then drive, drive, driving back. I think we spent maybe an hour visiting and were gone from a bit after noon until about 6 or 7. Bleh.

But! We got to hang a bit with Grandma Minnie in her room (she is in a home) and we even smuggled her food. Apparently, the home is all afeared she will choke on her food, or something, so they are feeding her mushy stuff just in case. Grandma Minnie is not so fond of eating “brown” (true thing: When MomQ called down one time and asked what Grandma Minnie had had for dinner, Grandma Minnie replied with much disgust “Brown”) and I think all her children agree that at 96, she ought to at least be able to eat orange or blue or yellow. We decided to smuggle her burnt orange (pumpkin pie), buff (eggnog ice cream) and light yellow (apple pie). Grandma Minnie seemed to like the colors and was particularly fond of the pumpkin pie and ice cream.

Then we drove back and after that, we probably played WoW. The game.

My second retraction is for this. It was pointed out to me that these are not, in fact, penguins but rather snowmen. Talk about sucking all the charm out of these dishes, as penguins they were so cuuuuuute. As snowmen they are sort of…not penguins damnit. BAH! I hate them now because they are not penguins but deceived me into thinking they were. Happy little penguins with jaunty Santa caps, why oh why have you betrayed me! Next someone is going to tell me that there is no Santa Clause.

I think Waechtersbach really needs to make a happy hat wearing penguin dish set, maybe in a color other than red or white. I vote for blue or black, maybe even give the penguins ice skates or sleds. My mumses’s table could use a little more blue or black (and much less red). It could also use more penguins. Everyone could use more penguins!

Finally, I have to say that after three starts, I’ve finally gotten my new blanket project off and running. The pattern calls for 15 lumpy bumps, and although it’s a really easy pattern to do (skip 3 spaces, put a lumpy bump in the next space, skip 3 spaces, anchor the lumpy bump down in the next space, wash, rinse, repeat) I managed to come up with first 10 lumpy bumps and then 11 lumpy bumps. I finally got it right by mapping out the first anchoring row and sticking bits of fun colored yarn in the spaces that were either getting lumpy bumps or anchoring lumpy bumps. Wala! 15 lumpy bumps and I’m off and running.

It’s nice to know that I’m not losing my head, just my counting skills.

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