Not Anything Like Christmas

This morning it was a little too warm to be wearing my fuzzy shirt and my lined windbreaker. Hello-ooo…it’s almost December. What’s with the 50 degree weather?

Not that I’m complaining, but it’s kinda weirding me out. What’s also weirding me out is that the streets were mostly deserted at 8:20 this morning. I’m used to the 6-7 am stillness of the city but dead calm after work has started is unsettling. On the up side, no stupidity to contend with! Whooo!

I think I am going to do another December Challenge this year and try to write something every day. I do reserve the right to post date (tradition!), but I will make the cut off on post dating one week. As usual, you JSFR junkies will be in hog heaven as I’ll probably be posting double entries on the weekends (or booniverse weekend analog). Mumseses will also enjoy the December Challenge time period because picto-blogging will probably become a mainstay as well. Pictures and JSFR are much easier than actual writing. Now I need my life to become super exciting in small daily bursts so I have entertainment for y’all each and every day.

Christmas shopping! Haven’t done it! I made a list out, though, and I at least have half presents or present ideas for 3/4 of my peeps. I’m hoping to have it all figured out and mostly done by next week. Bwa! OK, really. I might can do this if I take some time out of Warcraft playing to organize my list. I think a lot of stuff can be procured via on-line shopping which…huzzah! I love it when stuff comes to me rather than me having to wade through the holiday stupidity to get to the stuff. The down side is that I can’t fondle the purchases first and I really dislike the whole mail order return process. Meh. Give me the weekend to give this some thinks and I’ll get back to you on Monday with how I’m doing on the list.

Oh. Errr. Smithee Puppets. I don’t wanna talk about them right now. Moving on!

Eh, I haven’t much more to say so I’ll sign off here. I’ve got to rest up for the December Challenge!

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