Japanese Snack Food Review: Pokka Melon Cream Soda


In my quest to find a decent Asian soda, I’ve had to branch off to another company: Pokka. If you remember, Pokka brought you the deliciously tasty Oolong Tea in a can and the tad oversweet but undeniably green tea-y Jasmine Green Tea so I thought they might could do cola (pop/soda/whatever). Besides, take a look at the can, isn’t that just a swell shape?

The first good sign was the bubbles. Pokka’s got bubbles, yo. I have to say that Pokka’s carbonation makes Ramune cry like a little girl. THIS is what soda’s talkin’ about, Ramune. Give it a taste, and when you experience that surprising tingle on your tongue? Remember it because that is carbonation BabE. Plus pea points for the bubbles.

I can’t say I’m all that behind the color though. It’s vaguely sickly grello. That’s green and yellow in a way that is really neither color, but you could maybe throw in some orange too for fun if you like. The soda is also sort of cloudy, which isn’t bad in a Squirt type way but Squirt isn’t grello so yeah. The cloudy grello sort of looks like a carbonated infection but maybe that’s just me. I also have problems with the color of Mountain Dew so…

As for the melon, Pokka’s soda smells fairly strongly of the chemical melon but fortunately, the bark is worse than the bite. There is some MELON 482 flavor going on, but given the intensity of the initial olfactory melon, the taste is awfully mild. It’s also rather sweet and mellowly mellon. Pokka is by far the better soda when compared with Ramune (and you can even drink out of the can without feeling like a gerbil) but it’s not a stellar pop over all. I’d still drink American soda given the chance and probably water or tea over Mellon Cream Soda. Here’s where my half pea system breaks down because I’d be totally happy giving Pokka Melon Cream Soda a 3.25 pea rating but alas. Instead, I’m going to have to go with a dead average rating, but know that when I do, it’s a really, really high


of 3 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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