Behold! The Power of Fat Socks!

Yes, I am still wearing sandals. I see no need to change that up until it starts snowing in earnest here, although I was mighty glad for my big ol’ fat socks this morning. Yowza, it’s chilly here.

Hrrrm. Lemmie see. OH! Weekend. Also, check out the posting, I only had one day of post dating and that was a JSFR. The Junkies are used to me not posting on time anyway, although I did surprise them with an on time second post. It’s all about the Christmas giving.

Which segues into my SQUEE from this weekend: Christmas Shopping!!! If y’all hearken back to Wednesday, you might remember that I had ideas for a good chunk of my peeps but not everyone (I’m looking at YOU Mr. “I have no idea what to get you ‘cuz you got everything that you want that I can afford” Paul). Friday, DQ and I went out gathering Smithee puppet supplies and lo! Christmas ideas flew right into my head. They are awesome Christmas ideas too, so awesome that I’ve been inordinately pleased with myself and my stupendously excellent Christmas gift ideas for three days now. I! Wrock!

All my peeps have Christmas presents and/or present ideas AND due to some Sunday internet Christmas buying action, I have gifts on the way for just about everyone. The present ideas are the hardest to come up with and I, am done. Fini. Did I say that I wrock? Because I do. PEEP PREZZIES!!!!!! Hold on, I think I have to pat myself on the back again.

Alright then, moving on.

Internet shopping is the bomb, yo. I checked my mumses, sis, Bro-in-law, Grandma Minnie, Aunt Lil, MomQ and DadQ and DQ all off my list. Plus, I did it all in the comfort of my home in my slacker sweats and uncombed hair. Bliss. The only one I haven’t really started shopping for is TheMan, but I have some really good ideas. It’s just sort of hard to write his stuff down on the master list since he looks at it too, so I have to keep all his ideas in my head. I bet you can guess the longevity of that list. I think I’ve thought of a thousand things for him already but only two have really stuck. Oh wait, three.

See? I need paper and pencil!

Saturday I spent over at DQ’s doing Smithee puppets. I am happy to say that we chugged through every puppet to some degree and now it’s just the little touches that need to be applied. The spiders need to be strung up, Hershel needs to be painted and stuck to his sock, the Fillipino Bat boys need to be flocked and strung up, Godzilla needs eyes and the BatRatSpiderCrab needs crab appendages and red spray paint. It might be nice enough Sunday to flock and spray paint and the Hershels need to dry a couple days before getting painted so really, the puppets are as done as we can currently get them. I could glue Godzilla eyes this week and maybe go looking for marionette trappings but other than that, there isn’t a lot to do.

I think this is the furthest ahead I’ve ever been on puppets. Wow. I did manage to put a hole in my hand making flocking though. I had to cut up two doll heads worth of hair and that’s a lot of snip-snipping. A lot of lot. My poor scissors hand!

Sunday was also a great day of lazy productivity. I’ll have you know that I played zero Warcraft, although that was on the list of things to do. In fact, it was the only thing on the list of things to do that I did not accomplish so go me. I did laundry, dishes, cooked a turkey carcass and made soup out of it, made my prezzie list and bought the on-line stuff, posted two JSFRs and photographed through to the 16th of December (Smithee day!) and finally, worked on crocheting project number two. Of course I didn’t get to sleep until 1am (and I’m pretty tired today) but my list got a whole lot of checking off.

Oh wait, I forgot another thing I was going to do so Warcraft now has company. Eh, no worries, I had wanted to dink around with some of my fabulous Christmas ideas but no rush. I still have 20 more days to dink about.

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