Boots Are Your Friend

OK, who’s the wise guy listening in on my blog? Yesterday afternoon as I was buzzing about I took a look out the large window well and lo! Snow. Not just any old harmless beginning of winter snow, oh no. This was snow with an agenda. This was snow with a mean streak that knew I didn’t wear my boots that morning. Why should I have? There wasn’t any SNOW in the morning!

It took me a couple of blocks to get my snow legs too. On the other hand, sandals will give you a lot of practice with that so I expect I’m well ahead of most other people in terms of relearning how to walk on slippery.

I need a haircut. Seriously. I wear my hair short (but cute!) these days and “they” say you should get short hair cut every six weeks. “They” probably make more money than I’m willing to spend on hair maintenance so I figure the drop dead date for keeping your hair reasonably (sort of) in shape is three months. The last time I got sheared was July so I have more hair than I know what to do with. I can tuck it behind my ears now…that’ snot right! And it’s not laziness that has put me in this predicament either. It’s that in October, when I said “Damn, my hair is getting long, I have to call my hair stylist” (yeah, I have one of those. She is the bomb with the hair clipping), I got an e-mail from her letting all us customer folk know that she had fallen on her cuttin’ hand and broke the beejeebus out of it. Buhhhh? And also suck because her cuttin’ hand is what keeps her in food and rent. I can get by with a broken wrist because honestly – is it even possible to type slower than I do now? Not so much. Ergo the whole cast thing wouldn’t really bring me down since I do practically zilch for fine hand control stuff. Cutting hair, on the other hand, ouch.

My hair grew, my stylist healed and tomorrow I go in and get it all chopped in half. Literally. My hair has gone so long without a taming that it’s twice as long as I usually wear it. It’s also driving me nuts with its new found ability to tuck behind my ears but lack of coordination to stay there for longer than 20 seconds. Plus, I’m still vaguely pink from the “wash out” dye I used back in July. I think I might solve that problem with a nice, professionally done purple hair dye job. If anyone can do a good purple, you would think a hair stylist could no?

I’m going more Christmas shopping again today. Huzzah! My suddenly enlightened prezzie moment from this weekend didn’t yield itself to a moment of reflection and now that I have had some time to roll the idea around in my head, I find I’m lacking in supplies. Ergo: Supply run! Of course, it wouldn’t take me much to go back to the supply place because I love me some prezzie supply stores. Wheee!

Random Weird English Language incident: I said this sentence last night “If we do this, we will have had to have done this other thing first.” and I had to pause and think it through again to see if I had gotten all the verbs right. Will have had to have done? Surly that can’t be a legitimate, grammatically sound sentence can it? What sort of freaky verb soupage is that? Future-present-past-imperfect-headsplody tense? TheMan and I came to the conclusion that it is indeed a correctly constructed sentence and that also, the English language is freaky. Guah.

My progress with crochet project number two goes mildly swimmingly. In order to get it done, I have to accomplish X amount of crocheting a day (which is a reasonable goal) and I thought I’d set my goal a little higher. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to finish the project ahead of schedule, or at least get far enough along that any major incidents where I can not do any work on it at all don’t put me so far behind that I can’t catch up. I didn’t quite get that far yesterday, but I got further than the absolute minimum.

And that’s about all. I should work on some JSFRs so I’m not bogged down by them come JSFR posting time.

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