These Boots Were Made for Storing

I found my boots! And apparently, something pointy and heavy also found my boots and then sat on them for a very long time.

My left boot has a weird triangular dent in the top. It’s not impeding my walking but if I lift my toes up as high as they will go, I smack them on the inside bump of said triangle dent. It’s like when you have an odd spot on your tooth or cheek and you spend the entire day poking at it with your tongue because it’s weird. I wouldn’t even notice that something heavy and triangularly pointy sat on my boot but for the fact that it feels really weird from the inside.

It’s continuing to snow and cold (yay boots!) which would be really pretty if I weren’t such a cold weather sissy. I can’t help it, I’d rather be inside all toasty warm with a cup of hot cocoa than either walking through the nippy cold and snow or sitting at my desk all shivery because they haven’t gotten the winter building heat going yet. Is that such a crime?

Come to think on it, maybe I’d rather just watch movies about people in snow while drinking hot cocoa. On the plus side, TheMan put an extra blankie on the bed and this morning was the first morning I’ve woken up all happy toasty warm. It’s only the beginning of winter and we’ve got flannel sheets, a thermal blankie, a quilt, a comforter, a down comforter throw and now the new extra blankie on the bed. Maybe I was warmer because the weight of the blankets was causing some sort of gravitational pull thing which heated us up by squishing us down. It’s only going to get colder too, I wonder how many blankets you can add to a bed before you hit critical mass?

For your amusement: My attempt to get all Bergman with the camera.

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