Muh Haahr!

It’s purple. Mostly.

I took half the day off yesterday and went out shopping with my mumses before heading in for a long overdue hair cut and an incidental coloring. I agreed to crochet a poncho for my mumses for…ahhh…her birthday? Mother’s day? Some holiday or the other and we hadn’t had time to go look at yarn. We also haven’t had time to find a pattern she likes so when we made plans to go out and about I thought we’d pop into Michael’s and find a book of poncho patters. However, mumses had a totally different idea and we zoomed off to get yarn. She was banking on the yarn guy having a pattern, not remembering that he is mostly knitting and weaving. No pattern, but she did find a splended yarn that she just adores.

By the way, the yarn guy lives smack dabbit in the middle of nowhere. It’s not a place you would happen by just browsing along since his scenic and winding (unpaved) driveway is off of the dirt service road which you get to from another dirt road. It’s unlikely this guy gets any walk in business unless someone has gotten really, really lost. Still, he seems to be doing well for himself so either he’s independently wealthy and just doesn’t care whether he makes money, or he’s so good that word of mouth and maybe ads in yarn-y places keep him afloat. Oddly enough, I’ve been past his place recently (but not knowing it was his place) trying to bypass the expressway. Hmmm, wait a minute…if I remember correctly, I biffed finding the service drive which gets you up to where mumses was waiting and instead wound up on the corner of dirt and dirt and not exactly sure of where I was headed. So count that as lost. See?

We then zoomed back into town to Michaels and browsed through their crochet pattern books and found a mighty book of poncho patterns. Huzzah! Mumses took the book to give the ponchos a good eyeballing (she found a style she liked, but they did it in dayglow hooker pink and black and I don’t think she can train her mind to not look at the pink. I don’t blame her; it’s a rather vile and revolting pink. PINK!) and she’ll probably pick up the yarn later. No worries, I have too many crocheting projects stacked up, I can wait a bit before starting in on the poncho.

I also may or may not have bought yet another crocheting book. What? Can I help it that people keep having babies and those babies obviously need blankets made for them?

Speaking of projects, crocheting project number two chugs along. Sadly, all the working forward I did Monday made up for all the not working on it I did Tuesday so I’m back at even. On the other hand, I have many more Christmas Presents checked off from Tuesday’s Christmas extravaganza. I guess that’s an OK trade but I’m thinking I ought to clone myself so some of me can work on crocket project number two while the other one of me does chores or more Christmas stuff. Or maybe I can goof off for a bit while I get the crocheting done. More than likely both of me will become slackerish and then get mad at ourselves for not doing all the stuff we were supposed to do. Whatever, I need more boo!

(Actually, I’ve been super industrious with the Christmas. I’m feeling all ahead of the game for now)

We came, we yarned, we bought a pattern (and a pair of scissors so I don’t have to keep chewing through the yarn when I end a project or the yarn gets hopelessly tangled up and needs to be cut free) and I trotted off to get my head cut and purpled. At first it was a rather lovely shade of reddish purple with a hinting of blue tint persuasion going on in my hair. Whoot! It’s the first time I haven’t been some form of mahogany masquerading as “plum”. Today, however, I’d say it’s rather less than the eggplant I was hoping for and slightly more of a black cherry that’s been hanging out in a pool of bodacious berry Hawaiian Punch. My head seems to like the red. Next time I might just color the whole danged thing straight blue just to see if my hair still turns towards the reddish side by sucking extra red out of the atmosphere or the ether or wherever. Maybe then I might get the nice grape-y purple I envision.

The other strange thing with my hair today is that my hair stylist said I should try to go every other day with the washing of the head. I have a thought or two about that and they can be summed up with: Ewwwwww and Ick. My head genes are not from the dry brittle head stock peoples. Oh no. I’ve gone more than 24 hours without washing my head and by the time 30 hours rolls by I can use my head to grease cooking pans. It’s not as good as spray Pam but it’ll do in a pinch. However, my stylist said that coloring does strange things to hair and it could be that I can go longer without washing. We shall see – this morning I forwent the shampoo and rinsed my hair with much vim and vigor. I’ll give it a week but if after that I find that I’m a Dapper Dan boo without the Dan, then I’m going back to the daily routine.

After head coloring and cutting, TheMan and I made our way over to Badmovie and LunarGeography’s place for a test running of the MegaMeta Smithees show. OW MY HEAD! We cast our votes and then cast votes for our “Smithee Poll”. We’re trying to predict what clips will win the MegaMetas so we can strut around and brag about…ahhh…well predicting what the Smithee Voting Audience will pick as their favorite clips I guess. I tell you, it’s much harder than I thought trying to decide how the audience will vote. I mean, who votes for Godzilla when Stilts Guy and Invisi-lizard are in the same running? I totally didn’t see that coming (and I’m very disappointed in all the Godzilla voting people. Feh. You don’t vote a classic in for an SLM) yet, there he is.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but just this once I’m glad for Hershell the blood sucking turkey freak. I hate Herschell because Hershcell is a lazy stupid concept for a monster (it’s a poorly done papier-m�ch� head on a dude dressed all in black. I’ve made better and scarier sock puppets!) but lazy stupid Herschell has a really good chance of beating out Classically misplaced Godzilla. We shall see.

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