Have Yourself a Merry Picto-Christmas

Ball of Christmas!

We’re getting ready for Christmas at the Q house.

SQUEEE! A tree! This was last weekend’s big Christmas purchase. It came prelit but I thought I’d throw on another string of lights. It was about four miles long so there is really quite a lot more lights than this little tree needs (or can support for that matter) but it is shiny! and I love the shiny. The tree is also much less blurry in person but the curtains are showing up pretty true to form. TheMan and I were having a heated discussion about the merits of manual focus versus auto focus. I would have MFed this shot but I wasn’t driving.

The angel, on the other hand, came out pretty nice in manual focus. Of course I have several other pics of her in very soft focus as I was playing with the range but hey. Digital is built for dinking around with your subjects. Getting back to the angel, when I was small we had this exact same tree topper (but not this exact, exact one) which we called Angie. She always had a white light threaded through her hands so I did the same with my angel. Let me tell you, it’s darned hard to thread a pre lit Christmas light through a tree topper but I managed. That’s also the only white light on the string since I swapped out the yellow or red bulb which was in that place. I didn’t want my angel’s face to show up blue or whatever. I’m not sure if my angel is named Angie, but it will do until I come up with a name or just drop the name entirely.

Badtz Maru! He’s blurry not because he was manually focused but because he would not quit swaying back and forth. I had to adjust a branch to get a light out of the way and the whole tree started rockin. ARRRGH! I have four other swinging Hello Kitty ornaments on the tree somewhere but Badtz Maru is my favorite.

This is one of TheMan’s ornaments. He has a couple of them hanging about…I think a DS9 one (if this is not it – otherwise he has a ST:TNG ornament) and a third one. I sort of like the artSAY look of this pic.

This is one of the dated ornaments my father gave to me. For whatever reason, he was really big on dated ornaments so my sis and I would get a different one every year for Christmas. It’s not my gig so a while back I culled my collection save the ones I liked. This one made the cut as well as one by the same company but with a river boat pic. The company (Bing & Grondahl) makes Christmas and other holiday plates and I’ve always kind of liked their style. My G’ma used to give us a Christmas plate every year so about half of the plates my mumses has decorating her house actually belong to my sis and I. I’ll see if I can get a pic of them when I’m over there for Christmas. If I remember. Anyway, this ornament and the other one remind me of the plates.

I…have no idea. He is wearing skates though, and that cracked me up so I let him hang around on the tree. There is a funny looking snowman who I think is from the same company or at least ornament getting era.

This fella is the representative sample of most of the rest of the ornaments. We have a lot of these little guys but they are the right size for the tree and they make it all ornament pretty. Heh, he looks like he’s a little confused.

The stockings were hung on the front door with care. Well, we don’t have a chimney but we do have a couple nose guy magnets so we make do. Notice the plushy frog now has a door looking companion.

Helooo-ooo! I see that jingle bell wreath you put up on the door.

Hey! So do I! (If you are really good, you can see some unintentional dorkiness on the part of the photographer. I didn’t notice it until I saw the big version of the pic) Eventually I will find little tiny Santa hats for these two and my Christmas decorating will be complete. Mostly. OK, the door decorations will be complete at least. Hee! Little Santa hats.

Icicle lights. These are the set we are having problems with as they don’t seem to want to work with the automated Christmas lights program. Right now they are connected to the wall switch so we have to manually turn them off or on. I might look into their kookiness this weekend and figure out why they wont play nice.

The Little Kitty in her auxiliary office.

Do you want to know what I’m getting you for Christmas? You do? Well it’s right there. Now you can’t say that I never tell you anything. Some of the mail order stuff came in yesterday so I had a bit of a wrapping spree.

Plum for the holidays. Here’s a shot of the new hair. Huh, it looks like I’m going bald here but I’m not…that I know of at least.

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