100th Entry!

..and on a Saturday too. It’s a sign of the end I tell ya.

Tea Update

Day 2: DIRT! I took both teas home Friday and this morning I put them up on the bookshelf (away from Little Kitty who gets her some dirt munchies when I’m not looking). The roundy bowl was a bit dry so I watered it.

To Do List Update

I got up at 8 freeking thirty in the morning to meet the mumses at the bridal shop. We were going to catch us some food, get the dress and she was going to buzz outta town. I like the dress shop lady, she remembered my dress AND my wedding date sorta (she remembered it was early November). I was impressed. Mumses and I also looked at attendant dresses. I may not be able to get the skirt blouse combo because they just don’t make them that way. I’m going to poke around on line and satisfy myself that I really can’t do that and then take Shar shopping for a dress dress. I hate to do that to them but hopefully we can still find a dress that they can wear again… maybe… to a formal… somewhere. Sigh. Why are all attendant’s clothing like this? BAH on the wedding industry!

I was then supposed to go run other errands, which I did somewhat but I was feeling bleh so I edited the list. I did go shopping and got everything but the beer, however the baby shower gift excursion, condo run and whatever else I was planning to do got shelved. 8:30 is very early! I decided I needed a nap so I went home. I met the neighbors (officially) when I was unloading groceries which was pretty cool. I have seen them a couple of times in the morning but today they were looking at the flowers (the boy was, he likes to do that. Go him! Daffodils rock!) while I was grabbing groceries. I forgot her name already and I think the kids name is Devon or Dillon or Damion or… err… something like that. I managed to remember the fellas name though (go me, 1 out of 3!). They have been in the house for 15 years. I hope that TheMan and I can be on friendly terms with them, it seems like nobody knows their neighbors these days.

Alright, We are about to go finish the errands I was supposed to run so catch y’all tomorrow. I leave you with this:


Pretty things for my honey, ‘coz I likes him lots!

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