Japanese Snack Food Review: Pine Pocky


We couldn’t introduce a new Pretz and not follow it up with a Pocky could we? Of course not! Pocky might lose its lead and fall behind in the varieties war and this we can not have. Thus, I bring you Pine Cream Pocky.

You keep making flavors, I’ll keep reviewing them.

I find the name a little odd because I’m totally expecting these to be pine-nut Pocky rather than pine-apple Pocky (or pine-cone Pocky I suppose) because to me, pine doesn’t immediately bring up the idea of pineapple. Actually, pine by its lonesome is more apt to bring visions of Blue Spruce or Norwegian but I don’t expect to be tasting trees when I’m eating Pocky. I’m not sure why though, since the Japanese do a lot of crazy food things but for now, I think pine-nut rather than pineapple. Good thing there is a picture of a big ol’ pineapple on the package to straighten me out.

That and the ‘smack you in the nose’ pineapple whiff that leaps out of the package. OK, plus fractional pea points for the olfactory pineapple onslaught. They have a nice color too, very pineapple reminiscent…although they are bordering on the all one color Pocky which is a pet peeve of mine. No deductions, just some disgruntling going on in my personal realm here. The taste is also nice and pineappley with the classic fruit tart and an ever so slight citrus zing. There are little inclusions in the Pocky coating which my favorite Guinea Pig thought might be actual pineapply bits but no such critter is listed on the ingredients.

There is a listing for paineapple juice powder, however, which amuses me. The inclusions are gritty like candied pineapple or flavored sugar lumps and taste like candied pineapple or flavored sugar lumps. They do give the Pocky a nice bumpiness which I think is helping to assuage my evilness of the all one color thing but again, my personal quirk.

The stick is the stick. Pine Cream Pocky utilizes a light colored nicely light graham-y stick. All in all, the pineapple flavor is what you would expect from pineapple and the Pocky is tasty. I’m going to give these fellas a


of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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