Hmmmm. OK What…Monday?

I’m in a mood for a weekend recap SAST. Hold on to any feebly attached accessories because here we go!

OoooOOOoooo! I just took a look at the “previouslies on the booniverse” and guess what??? It’s my blog-a-versary!! There’s SAST point number one. Check!

In case you were wondering, you can get rid of or bring back that top part of your document in Word which you can’t write in (the margination part of the document) by clicking the little page-y looking icon. I think you might have to be in “print view” (hold on…yeah, that’s the only view that really makes sense) and hovering around the top of the page (right by the ruler) to get the little icon fella to appear. The little page-y icon looks like either the bottom half and the top half of a page squished together with pull apart arrows (if you have the document set to not show all the space) or the bottom half and the top half separate with put ’em together arrows (for the opposite). Click and wala! The opposite of how you had your view.

Another thing that has come up with respect to word is how to globally strip all the hyperlinks from a document. Oh sure, you can go link by link and right click to choose remove hyperlink but if you have a bazillion links that gets old fast. Well foo, I forgot the quick key command way of removing the links manually but it involves a shift click or an alt click or something like that. If you don’t want an original document to have hyperlinks, you can turn that off under Tools/AutoCorrect Options/AutoFormat as you Type/Internet and network paths as you type. Finally, if you have a bazillion links already, here’s a handy macro generating tool to strip ’em out: Clicky Here!. SAST Point number two! You’re welcome.

I have mostly all of my Christmas shopping done! And wrapped! Although I have to rewrap Dirge’s kids prezzies because I bundled them with curling ribbon. The Little Kitty, she loves her some curling ribbon and hopped her little cat butt on top of the table (BAD KITTY!) to attack the prezzies. Apparently, she likes gold curling ribbon the best, followed by green ribbon. Red ribbon she could care less about. So yeah, they aren’t as pretty as I had them on Sunday but they are much more peppered with gnaw marks. Stoopid cat.

I also took about twice as long to wrap as I ordinarily would have because my brain went off line. Truly! I sat down on the couch with the paper and ribbon and presents nearby and would pick up the scissors to cut off a chunk of paper. I’d set the scissors down, pick up the tape to do a little paper fastening and then go back to the scissors for some trimming action. Except I couldn’t find the scissors. Anywhere. It’s not like I got up and motored into the kitchen between taping and trimming so the scissors had to be at least somewhere within arm’s reach. Nada. Then I’d have to pause, put down the tape and get to some serious looking (the “It could be under the present, yeah?” kind of looking) before I discovered where I had set the scissors down. Triumph! Now for some tape…

…uh-oh. Crap. Where’d THAT go?

Imagine that little interlude happening more times than anyone would really care to admit to. Yeah. Me plork, she clocked out apparently.

Point three and was there a weekend recap in here somewhere? No? Well there should be. Let’s make that point four and onward MmmKay? Friday TheMan crashed while I boogered around on the ‘puter and net putting up a JSFR. I only have one more in reserve (but I have two more that are up for tasting and then reviewing this Wednesday) and then I’m out. Boo needs more JSF. Badly. I’m thinking, since I have Monday off, that I might go on a driveabout and photograph all my favorite little Asian grocery stores as a JSFR extra. I’m also thinking that I’m going to bake a lot of Christmassy goodie stuff for the offices Sunday and Monday so we shall see what really gets done.

Saturday we got up early and played WoW (the game) with the crazy Aussies. Nothing really interesting happened except that I was the only warlock there. This meant I got to ask a lot of n00b questions because I was it for my class. Wheee! I also had to respec as Blizzard just yanked all the talent points from the talent point tabs (again) due to their impending expansion release. Of doom. I guess they are all “We have tasty new things so we’re refunding all your points!’ which…yeah OK I guess but I hate respecing. I can never remember what the good things are and once I have my points allocated, I don’t wanna have to go and redo them. Plus, Blizzard has added some tasty new high end point deelies which means that if you want to do the cool stuff, you don’t get a whole lot of points left over for other stuff. Which is cool too but…well…I want the cool stuff AND some of the other tasty stuff too. I want it all and I can’t have it!!!

I have three or so more characters I have to respec too. Oi!

TheMan zoomed off to do Smithee stuff (for NINE hours!) and got home late and grumpy, since the Smithee stuff didn’t take, and I did Christmas stuff. And then we had lots of wine and went to bed.

SUNDAY! We…ahhh…I think I got up early and made breakfast. Appleamcakes! I have no idea why the house of boo from years ago decided to name apple pancakes “appleamcakes” but we did. They are really quite tasty; cut up twoish apples, add some cinnamon sugar and bamn! Tasty. I’d say to make them from scratch for even tastier pancakes because the Bisquick cakes, while fast, are lacking in charm.

Why does Word know Kleenex but not Bisquick?

TheMan headed back to the office to wrestle with Smithees while I sauntered over to DQ’s for some puppet making action. Godzillas need eyes and they are done, Hershalls are all done, DQ did up one BatRatSpiderCrab (which we have to paint and string up) and we flocked the Filipino Bat boys to within an inch of their lives. They look like the wolf man – they are AWESOME! Who am I leaving out from the monster lineup? Hershalls, Bat Boys, BatRatSpiderCrab, Godz-AH! The spiders from The World Without End. They are pretty much ready to go. I’ve decided to not put them on strings after watching the first run through of the MegaMetas because really, the spider action is best simulated by tossing the suckers at people. We also had to make some modifications to BatRatSpiderCrab and wound up mangling the rats even more. DQ trashed them but I don’t know…we may need rat heads for something, somewhere down the line, right?

Badmovie came over to help a little with the puppets (he made a pretty mean Hershall) but mostly to help decimate a turkey dinner while TheMan finally got a decent copy of the show burned to DVD. We test ran the show (it’s golden…if you can apply that descriptor to the Smithees) and then got home late.

Ergo, SAST! Hope you enjoyed your read. I’m doing that break proctoring thing again this year so watch for a scrawled and misspelled picto-entry any day now. Think of it as my Christmas present to you; after all how often do you get to chuckle over someone who writes AND spells like ass?

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