At Least I’m Updating

Even if I’m not being clever with the titles.

Today is not only the day after the booniversary but it also marks my first day of back up proctoring for the Fall ’06 season. I’m not sure what the two have in common but they happened on the same day. Coincidence? Hmmmm!

I wound up doing two stints today, my regularly scheduled break (which I managed to muff the time on…no wait, apparently my exam schedule muffed the time. I feel better about that) and a surprise extra break right afterwards. I popped over at 10 for my scheduled break (as 10 seemed to be right in the middle of the 8-12 exam timeframe) to discover that the exam ended at 11. Ahhhh…oops, but also not my fault the exam book had 8-12. It sort of sucks for the proctor expecting a break though. I think she was OK with it, my impression is that they like a break somewhere in the middle of their stint, even if it’s at the way end of the middle. I did not write an entry during the break but instead colored Smithee signs for posting.

Yeah, I’m a bit behind in that. I am both apathy and procrastination’s bitch.

Then when I was wandering out of the exam room, another proctor popped out of her room with her eye all red and nasty and asked if I was done with my break giving. And…could I watch her room for a break as her relief proctor never showed up and her contact decided to take a walkabout in her eyeball. Ow. So I hopped into the next room over and continued coloring Smithee posters. Score!

I didn’t manage to get any posters up or any Smithee DVDs out to the Sultan or Mr. Smithee.

TheMan and I had a little bit of Little Kitty fun last night watching her protect us from The Paper Bag. Did you know that most households are in danger of being molested by a paper bag? Thank goodness Little Kitty was there last night to save us. She taught that bag good not to be messing with her people. We may have helped a little by tapping the bag with our toes but mostly it was all her going apeshit inside a grocery bag, defending all from the menace of paper. We have some movies too. Heh. Keep checking over at TheMan’s site for an update on the funniest paper bag attack this side of the Prime Meridian. I’ll post one as well, but TheMan has dibs on the really funny one.

Umm…so if you go looking for movies of the Little Kitty going to town on a grocery bag, stop off here first and then go over to TheMan’s place because otherwise mine will be quite a let down. Of course, now that I’ve hyped it all up, you won’t think any of them are funny.

Where are my mail order Christmas Presents??? I hate waiting!!

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