Manky Head

Yeaaaahhhh, this “every other day with the hair washing” thing is…interesting. Today is a no washing day and my head feels itchy and greasy and generally yuck. I scrubbed the beegeebus out of it in the shower too (sans soap, of course) so I don’t know what that’s about. “The scalp gets used to it” my HEINEY!

The other problem I’m having is that I’m quickly forgetting which day is what. It’s only been a week and already I’ve had to go back to last Wednesday and do a day by day count. Wednesday – wash. Thursday – no wash. Friday – wash. Saturday – no wash. Sunday – wash. Monday – no wash. Tuesday – wash so that means today is a no wash. I can’t keep this up all year! I think I’m going to go with a Monday-Wednesday-Friday wash and then just pick an extra weekend day to wash the hair. I can only keep so many things in memory and whether it’s a hair wash day or not shouldn’t have to be one of them!

Today really should be a low radar day at work because of this and that but it hasn’t been, because of that and the other. Consequently, today is teh suck of work. Two more days…two more days. Why can’t we have more or longer weekends? I think everyone would benefit from the extra relaxation time. When I take over the world, I’m going to see about fixing that post haste.

Also…three more days and it’s SMITHEE TIME! (Doooo, doo da doo). MegaMetas babE! The puppets are fast approaching done, the show is complete, I have to have a long talk with the Smithee box and then we are golden. Tonight’s TheMan’s game so I think I’ll have that Smithee box talk on Thursday. Maybe finish up the last of the puppets then too. I think, things is golden.

Y’all are planning to come right?

OH! Speaking of Smithees, sorta, enroute from mailing off the MegaMeta and A2 Smithee 16 picks discs to NJ and VA, I stopped by Middle Earth to look at their display windows. (As a side note, Word does not recognize “enroute”. What’s THAT about?) Middle Earth has always had interesting, if not downright amusing window displays and seeings as they have upwards of six windows, there is usually something fun that they’ve put up there. My absolute favorite was one of many, many, MANY years back during Halloween. They had taken a scad of white Snuffles bears and punched in the noses so that the whole face inverted (betcha didn’t know you could do that to a Snuffles did you?) and then put little bloodshot eyeballs in the face hole. They titled the window “Night of the Living Gund” and I think I lost my spleen laughing. There really hasn’t been a window display as clever as that, but today I thought I spotted something that made me almost wet my pants laughing.

A peppermint Jesus.

I actually had a giggle fit right there on the sidewalk at the thought of a Peppermint Jesus because dude. Funny. And also? Going to Hell because it was not a peppermint Jesus but rather a very peppermint looking Jesus Magic 8 Ball. Granted, a Jesus Magic 8 Ball is in itself amusing (and totally the type of stock found at Middle Earth) but not as much as a peppermint Jesus. Ahh well.

That gives me an idea though…

Speaking of peppermint (but not so much Jesus), I need to figure out what I’m going to make for goody trays this year. Baklava is on the list because despite the labor involved, it makes a metric ton of sweeties. Sure there is the layer, butter, layer, butter, layer, butter ad nauseum aspect and the cutting crankiness but seriously. You can feed a family of 20 for a week with the amount of baklava squares you can get out of one pan. Golden! I’m also thinking of making bastard cookies (don’t ask) because they are quick and easy. Rum balls are probably on the list as well and I’d like to find one more thing that is easy to make and has color contrast. Maybe the strawberry things? Hmmmm. I’ll have to give it more thinks.

OK, that’s all for me. See ya tomorrow because December Challenge!

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