Banned From Making Rum Balls

True thing! But I can give the recipe to my ably competent husband and he can make rum balls. Oh yeah, rum balls are in da hizzouse!

Well OK then, here’s a little highlight of the weekend, being that it’s Monday and all.

FRIDAY: MegaMeta3 Smithee Show Stress Out
SATURDAY: AHHH AHHH AHHH The Show (which I wrote about)
SUNDAY: ZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzz huh? When did it get to be 2pm?

Seriously. We slept until 2 on Sunday. Straight with *maybe* one bathroom break in there. I’m getting old, I tell you. We also met up with LunarGeography and Badmovie and exchanged Christmas Presents. I gave LunarGeography Crochet Project Number One and she seemed at least moderately pleased with it. I’m guessing that taking the blankie out of the box and immediately snuggling under it, only to come up for air when we decided to get dinner (at 10pm) is a sign of blankie acceptance. Heh.

For Badmovie, we (“we” being mostly defined as TheMan) made up a shirt with the ridiculous logo an out of business fried chicken place had. Badmovie had mentioned to me a while back when we were talking about weird and funny shirts, that the chicken place down the road had the most bizarre logo. I don’t have the logo handy and I’m too lazy to ask TheMan to dig it up, so here’s what it look like. In words! It’s an oval with the top half of a guy reaching out to grab a running chicken. It wouldn’t be too bad if the guy didn’t have this odd look in his eye and the chicken didn’t look like it was runnin’ for all its worth. In that Badmovie sort of way, he then said that he thought having a shirt with their big ol’ chicken place logo on it would be teh funnay. So “we” made him one and he was delightedly pleased.

I can’t say that LunarGeography was exactly pleased though. Maybe shocked and a little horrified might be better descriptive terms.

In turn, TheMan got the last book in a series of books he’s been collecting and I got a gift cert to Yotsuba. Whoot sushi! I might try to have sushi once a month like I used to way back when.

Which brings us back to rum balls! It does too: My sushi buddy of yore gave me his momma’s recipe for rum balls, hence the connection. Momma Webster knows from rum balls too. MmmmmMMmmm. I am no longer allowed to make them because I firmly believe a half a cup of rum is far too little wet for the recipe. My coworkers, although delighted by the extra rum rum balls, got a bit tipsy from the extra rum rum balls. Hey, a little more rum never hurt anybody. Much. Buuuut, they all said that I couldn’t bring them in anymore so I haven’t. TheMan, on the other hand, makes a mean batch of Momma Webster’s Rum balls (he’ll tell you it was all in the salad shooting of the Nilla wafers. It’s best not to ask, really) and they didn’t say anything about him not making rum balls.

We also made bastard cookies, peanut butter M&M cookies and split levels. Did you know that peanut butter cookies don’t flatten out by themselves? I always wondered about the whole fork squishy thing. Our cookies were pushing the limit of structural integrity with all the M&Ms I stuffed into them so I had to leave them as balls or risk cookie containment failure. I figured cookies all flatten out when they get hot right? No problem. Except they didn’t and we made peanut butter and M&M balls. They are still darned tasty though.

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